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Affiliate Program

Join the Allianz Global Assistance Affiliate Program

As a leader in the travel insurance industry, Allianz Global Assistance strives to provide safe and reliable travel protection for travelers around the world.

For more information on travel insurance, check out our FAQ page.

Signing Up:

  • + - Why join our program?

  • As a participating affiliate in our program, you have the opportunity to monetize your website by connecting your audience with travel protection that can allow them to make the most out of their travel experiences.

  • + - How does it work?

  • For every valid sale you generate to our website via your affiliate link, we will pay you a referral fee.

  • + - How much will I make per sale?

  • Pay structure is on a tiered basis, starting at $12. Affiliates can earn up to $25 per qualified sale.

  • + - Is it free to join?

  • Yes! There are no application or ongoing fees to participate in the program.

  • + - How do I get started?

  • Simply complete our online application via CJ affiliate network. Our team will then review your application and notify you via email on your status in the program. If your application has been approved, you can start earning by integrating our marketing tools to your website.

  • + - Why has my application been rejected?

  • Unfortunately, due to regulations within our program, not all affiliates are permitted to participate. The following websites are not permitted:

    • Non-U.S. based websites
    • Remarketing/Retargeting Solutions
    • Coupon, discount, or cashback websites
    • Loyalty websites
    • Incentive Programs

Sales & Tracking:

  • + - How do you track sales?

  • As partner of CJ affiliate network, you can expect regular tracking, reporting, prompt monthly payments, and trust support from our dedicated affiliate team.

  • + - How long does the affiliate cookie track for?

  • If a website visitor clicks through to Allianz Global Assistance via your affiliate link, the affiliate cookie will track for 45 days.

May 14, 2019