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Many of us dream of traveling full time. A few actually achieve it. Meet the Allianz Travel Insiders: expert jet-setters who write about their journeys around the globe. Here, they'll share their insights on how best to protect yourself with travel insurance when you're far from home.

Note: Allianz Travel Insiders are brand ambassadors who are compensated for promoting Allianz Global Assistance products and services.

Allianz - Valley of Fire State Park

Johnny Jet: U.S. Travelers are Turning Their Attention Toward Domestic Travel Destinations

"With the pandemic still raging, U.S. residents are still prohibited from free travel in many countries around the world [...] As a result, says new data collected by Allianz, they're turning their attention toward domestic travel in a big way..."

Allianz - Baja California

HoneyTrek: RVing Baja, Mexico: Road Trip to Paradise

"Flanked by the big surf of the Pacific ocean and the tranquil Sea of Cortez, with three mountain ranges and a cactus-studded desert running up the middle, Baja is what camper dreams are made of..."

Allianz - travelsmart app

Johnny Jet: The Best TravelSmart App Yet is Now Available

"Good news, travelers: Allianz has refreshed its TravelSmart app once again. Version 5.4 (the latest version as of August 12, 2020) of the app is still free for both iOS and Android, and it comes with the largest Allianz-powered pocket toolbox yet..."

Allianz - traveler hiking on mountain

Journey Wonders: Why Do I Travel? Why Do You Travel? Is There Really An Answer?

"When it comes to travel questions shared amongst fellow globe trotters, it is often common for them to focus on the how, where and the what yet never on the why..."

Allianz - New Orleans

y Travel Blog: 17 Cool Places to Visit in the US for 2020

"Choosing cool places to visit in the US is not an easy task. With a country that has 50 states, over 400 national parks, vibrant cities, charming small towns, and endless festivals and friendly people, how do you narrow it down to just a handful?..."

Allianz - Allianz TravelSmart App: 9 Benefits You Want to Know

Allianz TravelSmart App: 9 Benefits You Want to Know

"One of the best features of the TravelSmart App is getting access to medical help while traveling. When we visited Bulgaria for the first time this year, Rosemary lost her voice. When she woke up on our first moning, she couldn't speak..."

Allianz - benjamin-wong-469243-unsplash-e1536020708170

Johnny Jet: "How to Get Paid Immediately for Delayed Flights and Bags with Allianz SmartBenefits"

" I thought I'd outline one really great part of Allianz coverage, which is how Allianz SmartBenefits can protect you in the event of a delayed flight or delayed baggage..."

Aug 11, 2020