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Covered Suppliers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our most current list of airlines, cruise lines and tour operators are "Covered Suppliers" when determining eligibility for Financial Default coverage. This is the complete list as of today and is subject to change at any time. However, such changes do not affect any coverage already in force. This list is not intended nor should be viewed as a judgment of any travel supplier. Even if your travel supplier is not on the list, you are still covered for everything else as mentioned in your Letter of Confirmation. All other terms and conditions apply.

Subject to your plan's terms and conditions, you are covered for the specified amount of Trip Cancellation/Interruption purchased in the event a covered supplier financially defaults as long as all these conditions are met:

  1. You purchased a plan with Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage within 14 days of paying your initial trip deposit.
  2. The Financial Default occurs more than seven days after the Policy effective date.
  3. The Financial Default results in a complete cessation of services of named supplier on the "Covered Supplier List."
  4. You did not purchase your insurance from the defaulting airline, cruise line, tour operator or their affiliates.

Covered Suppliers List


May 18, 2015