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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • +- I'm experiencing a travel emergency. What should I do?

  • If you’re having a medical emergency, or if you’re the victim of a crime, first call local emergency services.

    To get help anytime, Allianz Global Assistance customers can call 24-Hour Hotline Assistance.

    • Within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands call toll free: 1-800-654-1908
    • Outside of the United States, call collect: 1-804-281-5700
    • Or, simply dial 0170 to reach an international operator. Say the number you wish to call, and you’ll be connected.

  • +- Why do I need travel protection?

  • Travel is inherently risky, and so insurance can safeguard you from certain financial losses that often occur while traveling. If you have to cancel your beach rental for a covered reason, for example, trip cancellation/interruption benefits can reimburse you for your non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs (up to the amount of your plan limits). If your snowboarding gear gets stolen during your winter vacation, baggage loss/damage benefits can reimburse you for the loss. Depending on the plan you choose, travel insurance also can reimburse eligible medical costs in case of a covered medical or dental emergency; reimburse you for losses caused by a covered travel delay or baggage delay; protect you from paying for rental car damage or loss; and help in other situations as well.

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  • +- Why do I need rental car insurance?

  • When you’re renting a car, even a tiny fender-bender can get really expensive. You may have to pay the deductible on your own collision insurance, as well as a loss of use charge from the rental car company — not to mention the higher insurance rates following an at-fault accident. The Rental Car Damage Protector can cover costs up to $40,000 if a car you're renting is stolen or is damaged in a covered accident or while it's left unattended. There’s no deductible and no need to file a claim with your car insurance company. You also get trip interruption benefits and baggage loss/damage benefits up to $1,000.

    (The Rental Car Damage Protector does not include liability insurance. Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Please see your plan for full details. Benefits/coverage may vary by state, and sublimits may apply.)

  • +- What is included in non-refundable trip costs?

  • Non-refundable costs include pre-paid trip deposits/payments that would be lost if you had to cancel for a covered reason prior to trip departure. Some examples may include vacation rental costs, campground fees; rental car fees; tickets for tours or events; and hotel and airline ticket costs. Be sure to consult your travel suppliers to determine which costs are non-refundable for your particular trip, as cancellation policies vary.

  • +- What do travel protection plans cover?

  • Depending on the plan you choose, travel insurance can provide benefits for a number of situations that may occur before or during your trip. These benefits may include:

    • Trip Cancellation
    • Trip Interruption
    • Emergency Medical Transportation
    • Emergency Medical / Dental
    • Lost / Stolen / Delayed Baggage
    • Travel Delay
    • Change Fee Coverage
    • Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee Coverage
    • Rental Car Damage Protection
    • 24-Hour Hotline Assistance

    For definitions of these terms, please   click here.

    Note: Not all plans include each benefit listed here. Please see the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for terms, conditions, and exclusions.

  • +- How do I know which travel protection plan to buy?

  • That depends on your budget, your destination and your specific situation. If your biggest worry is protecting your vacation investment in case of a last-minute cancellation or trip interruption, then you need a plan with trip cancellation/interruption benefits. If you’re more concerned about mishaps that occur while traveling — such as baggage loss or delay, or trip delays — look for a plan with post-departure benefits. And to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency while traveling, we recommend a plan that includes emergency medical and emergency medical transportation benefits.

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  • +- Who is covered by my travel protection plan?

  • Your travel insurance plan covers only people who are named insured — that is, named in the plan. Family members and/or travel companions are not covered unless they’re named in your plan documents. If you purchase the OneTrip Prime or OneTrip Premier plan, kids 17 and under are covered free when traveling with a parent or grandparent. The AllTrips Premier plan also can cover an entire household on a single plan.

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  • +- Do travel protection plans cover pets?

  • Your travel insurance benefits do not cover pets. However, we include service animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) in our definition of “family members,” so any benefits that apply to family members would also apply to service animals. Emotional support animals or therapy animals are not considered service animals by the ADA.

  • +- Do travel protection plans cover pregnancy?

  • Travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance does not cover losses resulting from normal pregnancy or childbirth, except as expressly covered under Trip Cancellation Coverage. Specifically, if you find out that you are pregnant after purchasing your travel insurance plan, that can be considered a covered reason for trip cancellation.

    While normal pregnancy and childbirth are not covered, unforeseen pregnancy complications may be a covered reason for trip cancellation or interruption. The medical condition you’re experiencing must be disabling enough to make a reasonable person cancel their trip, and a doctor must advise you to cancel it. If your plan includes emergency medical benefits, your insurance may reimburse you for the cost of emergency medical care that you received for those covered complications while traveling.

    Read more: Travel During Pregnancy: What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

  • +- Does my health insurance cover me overseas?

  • Before traveling overseas, it’s wise to ask your health insurance provider if your coverage travels with you. Medicare generally does not offer coverage overseas, and hospitals in other countries often require cash payments up front. Also, very few health insurance companies pay for your medical evacuation back to the United States, as the U.S. Department of State explains. This is why it’s so important to have travel insurance with emergency medical and emergency medical transportation benefits.

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  • +- My destination requires proof of travel insurance. Can you help?

  • We're happy to provide a summary letter that describes your travel insurance plan benefits, also called an Embassy Letter. Click here to request an Embassy Letter (please allow up to 48 hours for a response).

    To make sure the information provided in the Embassy Letter satisfies the requirements of your destination, we recommend that you or your travel advisor contact the nearest embassy or consulate of that country to confirm.

  • +- What can 24-Hour Hotline Assistance do for me?

  • You can call 24-Hour Hotline Assistance anytime to reach a team of multilingual specialists who can help you with many types of travel problems, from reporting lost baggage to finding emergency medical providers. Our Hotline Assistance team has helped road-trippers locate a lost wallet and RVers find emergency boarding for their dog, among other feats. They can also help you replace passports and essential travel documents, refer you to legal assistance, secure cash from home in case of emergency, and may be able to guarantee payment when you need to be admitted to a hospital, if you have a covered medical emergency while traveling.

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  • +- Am I able to change my flight through Allianz Global Assistance?

  • We can’t change your travel arrangements for you. Instead, call your airline, travel agent or other travel supplier. If you need help making alternate travel arrangements due to a covered trip interruption, travel delay or other covered situation, call 24-Hour Hotline Assistance.

  • +- How do I call Allianz Global Assistance internationally?

  • You can call Allianz Global Assistance collect when traveling abroad. The easiest way to reach us is to download the free TravelSmart app. Or, simply dial 0170 to reach an international operator. Say the number you wish to call, and you’ll be connected:

    • 1-866-884-3556 for customer service
    • 1-804-281-5700 for 24-Hour Hotline Assistance outside the U.S.

    Within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, call toll free:

    • 1-800-654-1908 for 24-Hour Hotline Assistance

  • +- If I cancel my trip, do I get my money back?

  • Trip cancellation benefits can reimburse your prepaid, nonrefundable trip payments if you have to cancel your trip for one of the covered reasons stated in your plan documents. If a hurricane floods your beach house; if a family member falls ill right before your vacation; or if you fracture your ankle right before your golf getaway, those all can be covered reasons for canceling your trip and getting reimbursed.

    Other examples of covered reasons may include: sudden covered medical emergencies; the birth of a family member’s child; the death of a travel companion or family member; financial default of a covered airline, cruise line or tour operator; legal separation or divorce; or jury duty. Some reasons for cancellation aren't covered, such as changing your mind about taking a trip or other things not named in your Certificate of Insurance/Policy.

    If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you must notify your travel supplier(s) within 72 hours of the cancellation. Not all plans include trip cancellation benefits. Please see the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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  • +- Do you offer "cancel for any reason" travel insurance?

  • “Cancel for any reason” insurance is not available for purchase online. If you are interested in this type of travel insurance, please talk to your travel agent about your options.

  • +- How do you determine the cost of travel protection plans?

  • The cost of travel insurance generally depends on a few key factors: the age of the traveler(s), the cost of the trip, and the level of coverage desired. The cost is not affected by your destination or your prior medical or claims history. There is a per diem cost for trips over 30 days in length.

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  • +- Who provides the insurance for these programs?

  • Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181), rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101-C series or 101-P series, depending on your state of residence and plan chosen. Plans only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance or its affiliates. Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Plans include insurance benefits and assistance services. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company. Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at 800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or

  • +- My travel plans have changed. How can I change my plan coverage dates?

  • We are happy to help you change your coverage dates to match your new trip dates. Your new return date must be within 770 days of when you purchased your policy.

    If you have not already departed on your trip or filed a claim, you may update your plan through the online plan management tool.

    If the travel dates have passed, and you have not started your trip or filed a claim, just send us the following information:

    • Proof of cancellation for your existing trip, such a copy of the cancellation email[s] from your travel supplier, or screenshots from the supplier website.
    • A copy of your new itinerary showing the traveler name[s], trip dates, and new total cost of your trip.

    Forward your documents to Please include “Date Change Request” and your plan number in the subject line of the email. You can also fax the documents to (804) 673-1598. Please include your plan number on all documents. Once we receive these items, our team will review your request within 3-5 business days.

    Please note, if your trip cost or duration changes, the cost of your travel protection plan may also change. We will let you know if that is the case.

    If your trip is extended because of a covered travel delay, trip interruption, medical emergency or other covered reason, you don’t have to request a change to your coverage dates. We will extend your coverage period until the earlier of when you are able to return home or to your point of origin, or until you arrive at a medical facility for further care following a medical repatriation or trip interruption.

  • +- Can I change the details of my insurance plan?

  • As long as you have not already departed on your trip or filed a claim, you may be able to change certain details (such as adding trip costs). For fastest service, visit our online plan management tool.

  • +- How do I get another copy of my policy documents?

  • You can request an additional copy of your policy documents by visiting our online policy management tool.

  • +- How do I know what my coverage limits are?

  • Refer to your plan documents for all the details of your plan, including benefits, coverage limits, covered reasons for trip cancellation/trip interruption and exclusions. Benefit limits are listed on the Declarations page.

  • +- How do I cancel my travel protection plan?

  • For the fastest service, you can cancel your plan by visiting our online plan management tool. For a full refund of your premium, you must cancel within 15 days of your plan purchase (depending on your state of residence) and must not have filed a claim or departed on your trip. Premiums are non-refundable after this period.

  • +- What should I do if I'm having a technical issue with your website?

  • Please let us know! On the Contact Us page, select "Technical issue with the website" from the drop-down menu. Let us know which page you were on and describe the issue (e.g. the page did not load properly, you received an error message, etc.).


  • +- How do I file a claim?

  • Use our online claim management tool, or use the free TravelSmart app. Once you have filed your claim, you will receive a confirmation email from us with details on the documentation we need to process your claim. You can upload documentation online, fax it to us at 804-673-1469, or mail it to:

    Allianz Global Assistance
    P.O. Box 71533
    Richmond, VA 23255-1533

    Please include your name and policy number with any documentation submitted by mail or fax.

    After your claim has been submitted, you can check your claim status 24 hours a day by visiting our online claim management tool or using the TravelSmart app. You can get help filing or checking a claim anytime by calling customer service at 1-866-884-3556.

    For more details on the claims process, click here.

  • +- How do I check on the status of a claim?

  • You can check the status of your claim at any time by visiting our online claim management tool or using the free TravelSmart app. You also can reach customer service by calling 1-866-884-3556, by mail or by fax (804-673-1469).

  • +- How long will it take for my claim to be reviewed?

  • Once we receive your claim form and all the required supporting documentation, we will contact you within 10 business days with either a claim determination or a request for additional information needed to finalize your claim. The time required to process a claim depends on the type of claim, the circumstances of the claim and the documentation required. If we have to request more documents or more information, then the claim processing time will be extended.

  • +- How long does it take to receive payment for a claim?

  • The timeline for receiving payment for a claim depends on two things: the time required to process your claim (see above) and the payment method you choose. When you file a claim, we ask you to choose your preferred method of receiving payment:

    • Debit disbursement (sending money to your debit card electronically)
    • Direct deposit (sending money to your bank account electronically)
    • Check (mailing a paper check to your address)

    A debit disbursement is typically the fastest way to receive payment, although the speed depends on your bank’s processing times.

  • +- Where do I find a list of all the required claim documents?

  • All required documents and information can be found on the confirmation page after you submit your online claim. You can also access this information in our documentation checklist. If you have questions about the documents you need to submit, please call us at 1-866-884-3556.

  • +- If my claim is approved, can I receive the payment electronically?

  • Whether you file a claim online or offline, you will have the option to select direct deposit/ACH or debit disbursement to receive your claim payment. 

  • +- What is a debit disbursement vs. direct deposit?

  • Debit disbursements and direct deposit are both forms of electronic payments; however, they use different information to send payments and have varying timelines for the receipt of funds.  Debit disbursements use your debit card information (account number and expiration date) to send money, while direct deposit uses your checking account number and your bank’s ABA (or routing) number, which can be found on your checks.  Debit disbursements are typically quicker, depending on your bank’s processing times. If you select either of these options and the transaction does not go through for any reason, then we will send a paper check to your mailing address.

  • +- What is Direct Deposit?

  • Direct deposit is an electronic payment that uses your checking account number and your bank’s ABA (or routing) number, which can be found on your checks.

  • +- What name will appear on my bank statement if I elect to use debit disbursement or direct deposit?

  • You will see a payment from Allianz Insurance.

  • +- Are there limits on electronic claim payments?

  • Payments can only be made in US dollars. In addition, there is a $10,000 maximum limit for debit disbursements ($50,000 per month).

  • +- Can I receive a claim payment on my credit card?

  • We cannot make claim payments to a credit card at this time.

  • +- Can I have my claim payment sent to a business account?

  • No, debit payments are only available for direct consumers (persons,) not businesses.

  • +- Can I have my claim payment sent to a prepaid card?

  • We cannot send to prepaid debit cards.

  • +- Can I have the claim payment sent to multiple accounts?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot split claim payments among multiple bank accounts. The total claim payment will need to go to one account.

  • +- When can I expect my payment if I choose an electronic disbursement?

  • Once it has been determined that we will pay a claim, Debit Disbursements have the following timelines based upon your bank’s processing times:  Immediate, next day, or two to five business days.

    Once it has been determined that we will pay a claim, Direct Deposit takes two to five business days, based upon bank processing times. 

  • +- Why do I have to provide my email for claim processing?

  • Email addresses are required for all electronic payments in order to send your explanation of benefits electronically.

  • +- I selected to receive electronic payment, but I received a check. Why did this happen?

  • If we experience technical issues with sending an electronic claim payment, we may send a check to avoid further delays.

  • +- Can I change my preferred payment option?

  • Please call customer service at 1-866-884-3556. If your claim payment has not already been processed, we will happily update it for you.

  • +- How can I make the claims process go smoothly?

  • To help us process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, please provide all the requested documentation as soon as you can. Also, make sure you know what’s covered by your plan, including covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption and maximum benefit limits.

    Read more: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

  • +- Why do I need to submit documentation?

  • We need supporting documentation to help our claims experts understand the situation and prove that your losses took place. The evidence you’ll need to file a claim depends on the type of claim; it may include photos, receipts, communications and invoices from your travel suppliers, medical records, police reports etc. You can find a list of required documents here for your specific type of claim. Remember, we’re always here to help you navigate the claims process! Call customer service anytime at 1-866-884-3556.

  • +- How do I upload additional documentation for my claim?

  • You can upload documentation by using our online claim management tool or the free TravelSmart app. You also can submit materials by fax at 804-673-1469, or mail them to:

    Allianz Global Assistance
    P.O. Box 71533
    Richmond, VA 23255-1533

  • +- When do I have to turn in my documentation?

  • To streamline claims processing, submit your documents as soon as possible. We ask that you notify us of your claim within 90 days of the date of loss or as soon as reasonably possible (except as otherwise allowed by law).

  • +- Why was my claim denied?

  • A claim may be denied for many reasons. Some common reasons are: the loss does not meet the requirements stated in your plan documents; the loss was caused by a foreseeable event, or an event listed under “General Exclusions”; or the requested documentation was not submitted. If you have questions about why your claim was denied, please call customer service at 1-866-884-3556.

    Read more: 5 Reasons Your Trip Cancellation Insurance Won’t Cover You

  • +- Does it matter if I file a claim by mail, by fax or electronically?

  • Submitting your claim electronically may result in faster processing of your claim, simply because we receive it more quickly. However, the manner in which you submit your documentation does not affect the outcome of your claim.

  • +- What do I do if I receive both a refund from my travel supplier and a reimbursement from Allianz Partners?

  • If you receive additional reimbursement for this claim, please contact our Recovery Department and reference your claim number in your correspondence. Unless prohibited by law, you may be required to return excess funds if they exceed your total amount of loss. We and your plan's underwriter(s) each reserve our respective rights, remedies, and defenses under this plan and applicable law.

    Recovery Department
    PO Box 72032
    Richmond, VA 23294

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage

  • +- What is a pre-existing medical condition?

  • We define a pre-existing medical condition as an injury, illness, or medical condition that, within the 120 days prior to and including your plan purchase date:

    1. Caused a person to seek medical examination, diagnosis, care, or treatment by a doctor;
    2. Presented symptoms; or
    3. Required a person to take medication prescribed by a doctor (unless the condition or symptoms are controlled by that prescription, and the prescription has not changed).

    The illness, injury, or medical condition does not need to be formally diagnosed in order to be considered a pre-existing medical condition.

  • +- If I have a pre-existing medical condition can I still purchase travel protection?

  • Yes. If your plan includes the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver, you may be covered for losses due to a pre-existing medical condition if you meet all the following requirements:

    1. Your plan was purchased within 14 days of the date of the first trip payment or deposit;
    2. You were a U.S. resident when the plan was purchased;
    3. You were medically able to travel when the plan was purchased; and
    4. On the plan purchase date, you insured the full non-refundable cost of your trip with us. This includes trip arrangements that will become non-refundable or subject to cancellation penalties between the plan purchase date and the departure date.

    If you incur additional non-refundable trip expenses after you purchase your plan, you must insure them with us within 14 days of their purchase. If you do not, those expenses will still be subject to the pre-existing medical condition exclusion. Coverage limits may vary based upon your chosen plan. Please see your Certificate of Insurance/Policy for terms, conditions, and exclusions.

    Even if you don't purchase protection that covers existing medical conditions, or if you don't meet the requirements for that coverage, you can still purchase travel protection; just be aware that any loss due to an existing medical condition will be excluded.

Covered Suppliers

  • +- What is supplier default?

  • Some travel protection plans include supplier financial default as a covered reason for trip cancellation and trip interruption. This means a covered supplier — such as a tour operator, airline, or cruise line — ceases all operations due to its financial condition, with or without filing for bankruptcy. Coverage applies to non-refundable payments and deposits you made before your trip was canceled, less any published refunds you're entitled to receive.

  • +- How do I determine if I have supplier default coverage?

  • Please review your plan's terms, conditions and exclusions to see if the financial default of a travel supplier is listed as a covered reason for trip cancellation and trip interruption. To be eligible, the following conditions must apply:

    a. Your plan was purchased within 14 days of the date of the first trip payment or deposit;

    b. The cessation of operations occurs more than seven days after your plan’s Coverage Effective Date;

    c. Your plan was not purchased directly through the tour operator, airline, or cruise line ceasing operations, or an affiliate of that entity; and

    d. The tour operator, airline, or cruise line was included in our list of covered suppliers on your plan’s Coverage Effective Date. A list of these covered suppliers can be found by clicking here.

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