Allianz - claims process

How to Upload Documents on a Desktop 

If you file online, you'll upload your supporting documentation in the Submit Documents portion of your claim. See the instructions below for how to upload your documents.

Step 1

On the bar that says Select Document Type, click the gray down arrow. You'll then see a list of document types.

Allianz - Document_Upload_Step1

Step 2

From the provided list, choose the kind of document you're uploading (if nothing on the list matches your document type, select 'Other').

Allianz - Document_Upload_Step2

Step 3

Click the blue Select button, then choose the file you want to upload. Once you select the file, it will automatically upload to our system.

Allianz - Document_Upload_Step3
Allianz - Document_Upload_Step2B

Feb 18, 2020