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REAL ID Deadline Approaches. Will You Be Ready?

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American travelers have known for years that REAL ID requirements are coming — and now, the deadline is finally here. Beginning on October 1, 2021, every traveler who’s 18 or over will need a REAL ID or other accepted identification to board a commercial aircraft. Other accepted IDs include a valid U.S. passport or passport card; an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) issued by Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, New York or Vermont; or other TSA-approved documents.

Nearly every state now has REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses available. Experts advise travelers who need a REAL ID to obtain one as soon as possible, as DMV lines are only expected to grow as fall approaches. Check your state’s specific requirements for getting a REAL ID, which will include documentation showing your full legal name; date of birth; social security number; and lawful status; as well as two proofs of address of principal residence.

We want to remind our customers of the importance of obtaining REAL ID compliant identification well before a scheduled flight. If you don’t have a REAL ID or other approved ID, you won’t be permitted to go through airport security. While travel insurance can reimburse many circumstances that may cause our customers to cancel their trip, not having the proper documentation to board a flight is not a covered reason for trip cancellation. If you have to miss your flight because you lack proper documentation, you will not be reimbursed for trip cancellation.

We believe that every trip should be a great one, and we’re here for you when unexpected events may derail even the best-laid plans. Travelers should avoid an ID mishap by making sure that REAL ID compliant identification is on their packing list for their next trip. 

For more information, visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website or the TSA’s REAL ID information page.

Feb 03, 2020