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Collision Damage Waiver

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Definition: Your rental car is stolen or damaged in an accident or while left unattended. The OneTrip Rental Car Protector can cover the cost for covered collision, loss, and damage up to $50,000 for your rental car, as well as provide emergency assistance. This benefit can be a substitute for using your personal car insurance plan or certain rental car company-provided add-on insurance products.

Example: You’ve planned The Great American College Tour with your teenage daughter, bringing you from Massachusetts down through North Carolina. You even rented a car (with a sunroof) to prevent dialing up your own car’s odometer. But while navigating between Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University and Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University, you get caught up in a big wreck on I-95. There is damage to the rear and front of your rental SUV, but fortunately, everyone is all right. But your daughter is pretty smart, and she researched and recommended that you purchase OneTrip Rental Car Protector. After the accident, you get on the phone with a specialist on the emergency assistance hotline, as well as exchange info with the police and other drivers involved in the fairly drama-free fender bender. You have things sorted out, and by your estimation, you can still make it to Georgetown before the bookstore closes. After all, what’s the point in visiting all these colleges unless you have a hoodie with the school mascot emblazoned on the front to prove it?

Available in: OneTrip Rental Car Protector

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OneTrip Rental Car Protector is available for United States Residents, except KS, OK, NY, and WA. Unless purchased as a separate plan, it is not available to TX residents. OneTrip Rental Car Protector is available in most foreign countries for eligible cars. No coverage is provided for motor vehicles rented in Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Additionally, coverage is not applicable where precluded by law or in violation of the territorial terms of the rental agreement or prohibited by individual merchants.

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