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Carnival Cruise Line Review

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Carnival Cruise Line Quick Stats

Founded: 1972

Phone: 1.800.764.7419

Customer Service: 1.888.227.6482


Connect: Facebook, Twitter

Ships in Fleet: 24

Similar Cruise Lines:

About Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is one of the oldest cruise lines in the United States. Based in Doral, Florida and operating worldwide, the company is a pioneer in the field of short, inexpensive cruises and provides a variety of options for customers to take advantage of. They are known for having "fun ships" that offer guests plenty of entertainment options while they're onboard, and they continue to add new ships to their fleet every few years. In 2016, they started booking cruises on their largest ship to date - a mammoth vessel built by Fincantieri with a passenger capacity of 4,000.

Carnival offers a range of experiences for all different budgets. Their voyages range from two to 15 days and they offer plenty of exciting excursions into their destination ports. Many people, however, choose to stay aboard, engaging in activities ranging from sports courts to casinos to comedy and night clubs. They are also known for their fantastic cuisine, which includes buffets as well as three-course meals served in a lavish dining room. They depart from cities around the world and usually guarantee to have at least one crew member for every three passengers so you know you can expect only the best service.

Carnival typically appeals to young adults and young families on the hunt for a fun and affordable family vacation. They pride themselves on offering an exciting and involved experience for this demographic, rather than appealing to folks simply looking for a luxury cruise liner.

Where They Cruise

Carnival Cruise Lines depart from a number of U.S. Cities, including Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York and Seattle. They also have international pickups and destinations all over Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean. One of the greatest benefits of choosing Carnival is their wide range of travel options. Their most popular cruises sail to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska and Mexico and they often have deals on these destinations. (Although any cruise might be a small financial burden, you can compare Allianz cruise insurance plans to see if one might work for you). 

Newest Ships/Itineraries

Carnival is offering a number of new Carnival LIVE Concert Series Cruises. These include trips to The Bahamas, Cozumel or Catalina Island, California that offer the opportunity to see musical acts such as Chicago, Daughtry, Foreigner, Jennifer Hudson, Jewel, LeAnn Rimes, STYX, 38 Special and more while you're sailing the blue seas. You can even have a chance to meet the band and get a photo and autograph.

Fun Facts

Carnival offers every kind of food from Italian fare at Cucina del Capitano to fantastic Japanese food at Bonsai Sushi. Most of their giant ships have enormous theaters and pools onboard. In 1982, they introduced Tropicale, which was the first new cruise ship that the cruise industry had seen in many years. This intro marked the start of a giant shipbuilding boom and a revitalization of the cruise industry.

Carnival Cruise Deals

You have to be 21 and older when booking cruises with Carnival but guests under 13 can often travel for much cheaper than the regular ticket price. Deposit and payment depend on how long the cruises is and the dates you are traveling. You can find great deals on Early Saver and Super Saver rates but usually the deposit for these is non-refundable so make sure you are committed to your travel dates. The Vacation Protection Plan will reimburse you for 100% of your payment if you have any issues, including sickness or travel delays. Some ports require a visa so check with the U.S. State Department before booking your travel.

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