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Princess Cruise Line Review

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Princess Cruise Line Quick Stats

Founded: 1965

Phone: 800.774.6237

Customer Service: 1.866.335.6379

Connect: Facebook, Twitter

Ships in Fleet: 18

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About Princess Cruise Line

The third largest cruise line in the industry, Princess Cruise Line hosts 1.7 million vacationers each year on tours ranging from three to 114 days. Destinations include the United States and neighboring countries along with beautiful and exotic locations around the globe. Prized for its innovations, extensive array of on-board amenities, and superior customer service, the company has received numerous awards from experts in the travel business. When its Pacific Princess ship was featured in the television show "The Love Boat," which premiered in 1977, the company soared to stardom and the popularity of cruises skyrocketed.

Princess has pioneered an array of concepts that have later been embraced and adopted by other cruise lines. Devoted to providing guests with shipboard luxury, the company introduced affordable private balconies in the 1980s. More innovations followed in the mid-1990s, when Princess launched the idea of allowing guests to personalize their experience, which led to 24-hour dining and greater options in dining room seating. Since that time, its leadership in the cruise industry continues, as it built the first wedding chapel to host modern-day nuptial celebrations at sea, as well as created unique entertainment like Movies Under the Stars.

Where They Cruise

The company offers extensive destination options and provides trips to six continents and nearly 300 ports of call and more than 150 different itineraries. Destinations in the United States include New England, California, Alaska and Hawaii. Foreign itineraries include Mexico, Canada, Panama, South America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Australia, Africa, Japan and the South Pacific.

The array of choices accommodates any travel goals, making it possible for you to take a quick trip close to home or visit a faraway place you've always wanted to see. Princess Cruises even offers a cruise that circles the entire globe

Newest Ships/Itineraries

Princess is proud of the two newest additions to its fleet of ships, the Regal Princess and the Royal Princess, introduced in 2013 and 2014, respectively. These are built with a larger atrium for socializing, and they have several other new amenities such as balconies on all outside staterooms, a pastry shop, and a live television studio. In 2017, the company will launch the Majestic Princess, a ship based in China that will incorporate features specifically for Chinese guests.

While the Alaskan itineraries aren't new, in 2015 Princess plans to enhance their experience that already receives rave reviews. The company will add authentic Alaskan seafood, guest speakers, and a Klondike gold rush festival to the cruise's highlights.

Fun Facts

You will find the dining exceptional. The freshly made food includes hand-tossed pizzas and homemade ice cream along with breads and sauces made from scratch. Chefs will also prepare local dishes popular in various ports, enabling you to sample cuisines of different ethnicities.

Entertainment is varied and special, offering something for every tastebud. You can select from choreographed shows, tribute band concerts, and themed parties. Magic buffs will revel in "Magic to Do," a musical showcasing the fascinating art of illusion. Dancing, karaoke and comedy are also available.

In between ports, you will find no shortage of things to do on board. Princess has partnered with Discovery Communications to provide you with fun but educational activities like stargazing on the deck and other activities include talent shows, sports competitions, and fitness classes like yoga and Pilates. As a respite from the endless activity sometimes encountered on a cruise, the company has created the Sanctuary, a relaxing retreat where you can enjoy plush furniture, massages, and healthy smoothies.

On-board shopping is another interesting pursuit. Boutiques carry name brand merchandise at prices that will save you up to 30 percent off U.S. retail charges. In addition, art connoisseurs can add to their collections through fine arts auctions that accept bids on works of megastars like Rockwell and Picasso.

Adventure and excitement await you in the offshore excursions. Wilderness rendezvous will allow you to interact with local fauna and marine life, while outdoor explorations may involve zip lines and flightseeing. You'll also have the pleasure of seeing the world's greatest attractions such as the Taj Mahal, Colosseum, and the Great Wall of China. Rounding out the offerings are pop culture tours where you may see the haunts of the Beetles or fortresses from the "Game of Thrones."

Princess Cruise Deals

You'll find enticing deals year-round at Princess. If you are able to embark on a cruise without much advance notice, take advantage of Drop & Go deals that provide big discounts on last-minute openings. Other special offers involve discounts or free upgrades with the purchase of selected cruises. Aside from these savings, you can enter sweepstakes to win a free cruise. When preparing your trip, look at Allianz Cruise Insurance plans to see which one best suits your needs.

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