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Windjammer Cruises Review

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Windjammer Cruises Quick Stats

Founded: 1995

Phone: 617.742.0333

Customer Service: 617.742.0333

Connect: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Ships in Fleet: 2

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About Windjammer Cruises

The experience offered by Liberty Windjammer Cruises is entirely different from that found on a giant cruise ship. The Liberty Fleet provides an exquisite aesthetic adventure of plying blue waters on a classic sailing ship —  built like the ones from the 19th century, but with some modern additions for luxury and safety. Both ships in the Liberty Fleet have skilled cooks aboard who will prepare fresh homemade meals suited to your particular dietary needs.

The Liberty Clipper features billowing white sails and graceful lines. She carries up to 24 guests in her 12 comfortable cabins, and there is plenty of room to move around while she is underway. Lovingly furnished in the old style, the Clipper features a freshly adorned grand salon and a state-of-the-art galley. Her hull design provides a perfect balance for guests: shady moments of solitude on deck in which to take in the breathtaking peacefulness of wind in the sails, together with a chance to get to know the crew. If you're interested in interacting with wind and waves, the crew is always happy to teach you how to assist with raising the sails. Passengers can even take a turn at the helm, if they're inclined for more hands-on adventure —  always with the security of the Coast Guard captain standing right with you.

The Liberty Star is the smaller vessel in the fleet, carrying up to six passengers and four crew members comfortably within her 67 feet. Her home port is St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and from there she embarks on week-long sailing cruises throughout the region.

Windjammer cruise prices are very reasonable for the bespoke experience that passengers enjoy, but Allianz Cruise Insurance is still a good idea to protect that investment if an unfortunate situation occurs.

Where They Cruise

The Liberty Fleet's home port is Boston and the two ships spend their summers there. In autumn, the Clipper heads for Nassau and the Star makes its way to the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing passengers out of the cold northern winters and into an environment of sun, salt, and fresh ocean breezes.

During her fall journey from Boston, the Clipper offers an itinerary that includes the Boston Harbor, NYC, Baltimore and Portsmouth. While it winters over in the Bahamas, the Clipper embarks on all cruises from Nassau and sails through the Out Islands. Her one-week-long itinerary is flexible, and the captain will decide which ports of call will provide the best experience for that cruise, depending on weather and other conditions. Eleuthera, with its coral reefs and pink sand beaches, is a usual stop. The numerous hidden coves and bays of the Exumas are popular as well, and passengers enjoy unforgettable days exploring the fresh environment of these jewel-like unnamed islands.

Ports of call for the Liberty Star all lie within the Virgin Islands, and may include St. John Island, Jost van Dyke Island, Sandy Cay, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Norman Island. Each of these cruises is very relaxed and flexible, allowing the tastes of the passengers and the individual weather conditions to dictate which stopovers are included. The Liberty Star is also available for charters of up to a week from St Thomas.

Special Itineraries and Activities

A Windjammer tall ship cruise functions as a hub for a whole variety of boating and exploring opportunities. Typically, the ship is underway from mid-morning until mid-afternoon, at which point it anchors at its next port of call. Daily shore excursions allow passengers to explore historic forts, local culture experiences, colorful shopping, or tropical beaches. And at the end of the day, you always have the option of enjoying a homemade dinner aboard the ship. All meals are included in the price of your cruise, so travel insurance is a good way to protect your investment in a cruise vacation.

As a Clipper passenger, you can borrow sea kayaks and a 13-foot sailing dinghy, after a short instruction session from a crew member. You'll also enjoy snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, and great advice on enjoying some of the Caribbean's most vibrant nightlife.

You can also opt for the unique opportunity of participating in one of two tall ship races, competing against other classic sailing vessels. Both novice and experienced sailors are welcomed to watch or participate with an expert crew in the thrilling competition of the Gloucester Schooner Race or the Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.

Fun Facts

  • The gaff-rigged schooners in the Liberty Fleet are modeled after iconic 19th century vessels. The Liberty Clipper is a beautifully renovated replica of the Baltimore Clippers, which became famous for transporting passengers safely and speedily around Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America, to California's Gold Rush country.
  • The Liberty Star has made her way around the entire globe —  twice!
  • The Liberty Fleet offers the only windjammer cruises in the Bahamas and the Caribbean that carry a U.S. flag and U.S. crews. The owner of Liberty Fleet is a professional sailor, who graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and holds an unlimited tonnage Coast Guard license.

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Feb 26, 2016