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Why Buy Airline Travel Insurance?

Flights and hotels are booked. But, what happens if...

  • You come down with the flu just a few days before your departure?
  • The tour operator for your 2-day excursion declares bankruptcy?
  • You are unexpectedly laid-off from your job?

Let Allianz Travel Insurance help protect your trip investment by taking the worry out of unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your plans. We can provide trip cancellation coverage, giving you cash back for up to 100% of your trip costs for reasons like: Termination by employer* Covered illness or injury of you or your traveling companions* Airlines stopping services for at least 24 hours due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, named severe storms, or earthquakes*

Have you ever noticed that some people in the airport look perfectly unruffled, even as chaos unfolds around them? You too can be one of those polished flyers with these air travel tips for packing your bags, sailing through security and dealing with flight delays.

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