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Frequent Traveler Reward Program

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Definition: You have to re-deposit points in your frequent traveler program because your trip is canceled for a covered reason listed under trip cancellation. Travel insurance can reimburse you for fees charged for re-depositing awards back into your account, up to the benefit limit listed in your policy’s letter of confirmation.

Example: You’re due to fly out to attend the British Open with some long-lost college buddies. It’s a trip that’s been in the books for 18 months – with the flights booked completely on award miles – well before you found out that you and your wife were expecting your second child. (Hey, congrats dad!). There is still a six-week cushion between your scheduled trip and the due date, so you and your wife decide it’s OK for you to make the trip out to St. Andrews’ famous links on the coast of Scotland. But that was then and this is now: your wife just found out that, due to unforseen complications, she’s going to be induced early, as in tomorrow. You put down your golf bag and begin packing the overnight bag for the hospital. And then you cancel the golf trip. Sometime after labor and delivery, while rocking your new baby girl, you see Facebook pictures of your friends slapping wedges at the golf course’s famous rough, barely making contact with the ball. Suddenly, it looks a whole lot better where you’re sitting. And because you were smart enough to get travel insurance with Frequent Traveler Loyalty Program coverage when you booked your trip, you smile knowing that the fees you need to pay to deposit your points back into your airline rewards program can be reimbursed after you file a claim.

Available in: OneTrip Prime PlanOneTrip Premier Plan, and AllTrips Executive.

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Sep 18, 2019