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Change Fees

Lady Having Trouble with Airport Ticket Booth
Allianz - Lady Having Trouble with Airport Ticket Booth

Definition: You have to change the dates on your airline ticket for a covered reason. Travel insurance can reimburse you for the fees charged by the airline to change these dates up to the benefit limit described in your plan’s letter of confirmation. (Note: Covered reasons include having your trip cancelled or interrupted for a covered reason listed — with the exception of cessation of operations — or because you or a traveling companion are delayed by severe weather on the way to your flight as long as you allowed enough time to board your flight as scheduled.)

Example: As you’re pulling out of your driveway toward the airport with plenty of time to hang out in the terminal before your flight, you turn on the radio and hear the distinct static chirps of the Emergency Alert System. You hope it’s a test, but it’s not. There is a tornado warning issued for your town, and you quickly park the car and seek refuge inside the innermost room of your home. Your home makes it out unscathed, save a few fallen braches and a couple loose shingles. And your flight still has an on-time status. But the area between you and the airport wasn’t as lucky. Power is out and the road you need to take is temporarily closed. You’re not going to make it to the airport, so you call your airline to rebook the flight for the following afternoon, not getting upset about the added change fee. That’s because as soon as you hang up with the airline, you then you call your travel insurance provider to file a claim.

Available inOneTrip Prime Plan, OneTrip Premier Plan, and AllTrips Executive

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Sep 16, 2019