Nov 14, 2016
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Insurance to Cover Your Cancelled Flight

Cancelled Flights

What costs travelers a whopping $16.7 billion a year? Trip delays and cancellations, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. If your plane takes off without you or never even leaves the ground, flight cancellation insurance can get you up and running again.

Don't Let Your Travel Plans Take Off Without You
Allianz will be there if:

  • You come down with the flu before taking off for a foreign vacation, or if
  • A three-car pile-up gets you to the airport three hours late, or if
  • The budget airline goes bankrupt after you book your flight

Fear of flying? How about fear of NOT flying?

One in three people struggles with flight anxiety. But what if the flight never even takes off? Before you take to the skies, book some peace of mind with Allianz travel insurance to cover the cost of your ticket. Our Classic Plan provides:

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Even more reasons to protect the cost of your flight:

We help quickly when planes are slow. If your flight is delayed, your air travel insurance will pick up the slack by covering the cost of your ticket. At Allianz Global Assistance, we make sure we're accessible at all times. We pick up the phone quickly. And we really listen, so we can provide the best service possible. You'll be in the air in no time.

We can save you money. Do you realize that credit cards, auto insurance, and homeowners policies combined usually aren't enough to cover the most common travel emergencies? If a sudden medical issue or weather event cuts your trip short, your trip cancellation insurance will refund you up to 100 percent of the cost.

We'll be in business even if the airline isn't. Even the most stable businesses can default quickly. If your favorite airline ceases operations due to financial hardship or bankruptcy, flight insurance will save you from paying for a trip you may not get to take.