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24-Hour Assistance Hotline: How We Can Help

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The best part of having travel protection from Allianz Global Assistance? You never have to face a travel problem alone. Included with every plan is access to the 24-Hour Assistance Hotline, available anytime by using the Allyz® TravelSmart app or by phone:

  • Within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands call toll free:
  • Outside of the United States, call collect: 1-804-281-5700

Some travelers think the Assistance Hotline is only for the most dire emergencies, like a sudden illness or a natural disaster overseas. Our elite team of travel and medical experts can help with those situations, but they also can assist with almost any other problem you encounter while traveling.

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Need to locate a reputable hospital nearby? We can help.

When you need medical care while traveling, finding the right provider isn’t as simple as Googling “doctor near me.” Language barriers, financial requirements, and the varying quality of medical facilities all can make it difficult to decide where to seek help.

Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, call the 24-Hour Assistance Hotline. Our Assistance team can identify the best options for care by researching our worldwide database, searching the Internet and verifying services, consulting with our local agent, and speaking to locals, depending on what the situation requires. If you need to be admitted to a hospital for inpatient treatment, Allianz Global Assistance may be able to guarantee or advance payments for covered medical or dental emergencies.

Example: A policyholder falls asleep in the tropical sun for hours and gets the worst sunburn of his life. As he starts to blister, vomit, and shiver, his alarmed wife insists he see a doctor. But they’re at a resort in a remote part of Costa Rica, without a big city nearby.

Our Assistance expert researches our worldwide database to find the best local medical providers. There’s a qualified physician in the next town over, but the traveling couple doesn’t have a car. After consulting resort staff, the Assistance expert learns that the doctor makes house calls, so she arranges for him to come to the sunburned policyholder’s room.

Need assistance communicating in another language? We can help.

Translation apps and phrasebooks are handy, but they don’t always work for important real-world conversations. When you need to communicate in a foreign language, call the 24-Hour Assistance Hotline. We can provide an interpreter on the phone and even conference in the third party for a seamless conversation.

Example: A solo traveler in Italy sees a surprise charge of 120 euros on her hotel bill. She asks the front desk manager to explain, but he doesn’t speak English. The policyholder calls the Assistance team and asks for an Italian interpreter. Once the interpreter is on the phone, the case manager connects to the front desk so that the guest can ask her question. It turns out that the charge was applied in error, and the hotel manager takes it off her bill.

Lost medication or prescription? We can help.

Within the United States, the assistance department can request that an existing prescription be transferred to a sister pharmacy for pickup, or assist the patient in contacting their doctor for a local refill. Outside the United States, we can assist a customer with obtaining a new prescription by locating a doctor, clinic, or hospital, arranging conference calls with your doctor back home, and locating nearby pharmacies. Even though we will help you coordinate with the pharmacy, the customer is responsible for prescription costs.

Example: A policyholder arrives in Osaka and realizes that he left his heart medication on the kitchen counter at home. He did remember to pack a copy of his prescription — but when he brings it to a nearby pharmacy, he discovers that prescriptions from overseas are not valid in Japan. His medication is crucial, and he’s supposed to take it every day. What can he do?

The traveler calls the 24-Hour Assistance Hotline and explains the situation. Our Assistance expert locates a nearby doctor with extended office hours and English-speaking staff, and makes an appointment. Once the doctor issues a new prescription, the Assistance team member directs the traveler to a local pharmacy that can fill it, and helps interpret from Japanese to English.

Need to obtain services for your pet while traveling? We can help.

As more hotels, resorts and restaurants have adopted dog-friendly policies, traveling with pets has gotten easier. Still, challenges sometimes arise: What if you suddenly need a veterinarian, a groomer, a specialty pet store or boarding facilities? Contact the 24-Hour Assistance Hotline, and our experts will find the best options nearby.

Please be aware that pets, and services for pets, are not covered by your travel insurance plan. While we understand that you love your pet like family, pets are not included in the definition of “family member” for travel insurance purposes. Service animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) are considered family members. If you need emergency boarding, vet care or other pet services while traveling, we can help you coordinate these services, but you’ll be responsible for paying the associated costs.

Example: A family plans a spring break road trip to Dollywood with their beloved dog Bowser in tow. They plan to board their dog for the day at the theme park’s on-site kennel, Doggywood. But when they arrive, they learn that the kennel is fully booked. They’ve already purchased their park tickets, but they can’t leave Bowser in the car all day.

They call 24-Hour Assistance for help. The Assistance team rapidly researches local pet boarding locations, requirements and pricing. Once they’ve confirmed the best option, Allianz Global Assistance arranges the booking. Bowser romps at doggie daycare, the family rides roller coasters, and everyone ends the day tired and happy.

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Mar 06, 2020