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Travel Trends: Why Short Trips Make an Annual Travel Insurance Plan a Must-Have

Shorter Frequent Trips
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“Multi Micro-cation.”

Go ahead and try to say it 10 times fast.

We’re joking, of course. But we’re completely serious when we tell you that multi micro-cations are the new travel trend.

The two-week beach getaway and holiday romp to Europe? Gone, poof. The four-day blitz to a neighboring city coupled with a last-minute long weekend at a friend’s cottage? That’s what’s winning out now. And that’s exactly what we mean by “multi micro-cations.”

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers behind travelers' tendency to take several micro-cations, which we at Allianz Global Assistance define as a leisure trip that’s fewer than five nights. And let’s also analyze why this trend has picked up steam as the pandemic enters a new chapter. And finally, we’ll share why this phenomenon is causing more and more travelers to consider an annual travel insurance plan.1

The Numbers Behind the Shorter Vacation Trend

We didn’t just talk to a few travelers to learn about the multi micro-cation trend. We interviewed thousands. And then we asked our Allianz Global Assistance analytics whizzes to do the math — and check it twice.

The result was learning that 34% of Americans — more than one in three — were planning to take multiple shorter trips vs. the traditional week-long (or longer) vacation. Breaking down the results even further, of the 44 percent who said they would travel at the first opportunity, the majority (51 percent) said they would take multiple trips.

So, who’s taking these shorter vaycays? Everyone, but the multi micro-cation trend is most popular among 18 to 34-year-old travelers, with 46 percent of the age group reporting that they plan to take two or more trips this year.2

Why the Shorter Vacation Trend

There’s no doubt that COVID-19, in its various stages of flux, has played a role in driving the trend of multi micro-cations.

For starters, while some restrictions on international travel remain, others have only been recently lifted. But even in the latter scenario — in European Union nations, for example — so little time has passed that Americans didn’t have enough time to plan trips for the summer of 2021.

Similarly, the uncertainty that ebbs and flows around the pandemic has prompted more American travels to eye domestic itineraries, which are typically shorter.

There are arguments that can be made for shorter vacations not having to do with the pandemic, too. On shorter trips, you may be able to be less budget-conscious, meaning you might not hold back on taking that pricey snorkeling trip or wine tour when you’re only there a few days. And then there’s the concept of simply seeing more places and having more flexibility of when you can travel. And who doesn’t love keeping a few vacation days stashed in their back pocket for a rainy day when you just need a quick and gratifying weekend getaway?

With shorter, more frequent vacations comes a few minor obstacles to navigate. For example, you’ll need to make more boarding appointments for your dog. Or additional arrangements for someone to get your mail. But purchasing travel insurance doesn’t have to get any harder, even with the additional trips, thanks to the annual travel insurance plan.

An Annual Travel Insurance Plan for Frequent, Shorter Trips

An annual travel insurance plan is exactly what it sounds like: A single, multi-trip policy providing coverage for a whole year. Allianz Global Assistance calls these plans “AllTrips.” We offer plans ranging from the AllTrips Basic, the most economical option, to the AllTrips Executive Plan, which is fit for the itinerant business travel lifestyle.

If you plan on going on multiple trips in a year, or you’re just the spontaneous type who ends up going on last-minute adventures, it can be more convenient to keep track of all the key details for one policy vs. many. It can also be more efficient to purchase a plan one time vs. several plans piecemeal throughout the year.

But the biggest benefit is the cost savings. In fact, if you take just three trips in a year, going with an annual travel insurance plan is more cost-effective than buying three separate plans. That’s all it takes. If you’re taking five, six, 10 or more trips a year, then an annual travel insurance plan should be a no-brainer.2

 Find the right travel insurance plan for your budget and itinerary

Here’s the thing about travel trends today — they can ebb and flow on a dime much like the pandemic itself. As always, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of the travel industry and beyond, so check our travel tips articles and our Facebook page for timely news, survey data, insights, and so much more to help guide your travel decisions.

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Aug 13, 2021