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How to Plan a Multigenerational Amalfi Coast Vacation

 How to Plan a Multigenerational Amalfi Coast Vacation
Allianz - How to Plan a Multigenerational Amalfi Coast Vacation

Shimmering blue seas. Inviting beaches. Perfectly pastel Italian towns. Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the ideal multigenerational travel destination. Rent a luxurious villa in the heart of this historic stretch of coastline, and set everyone free to follow their passions: sunbathing, hiking, shopping, cooking or simply admiring the view.

Need help planning an unforgettable Amalfi Coast vacation? These are our best tips for finding the perfect villa and organizing a trip your family will never forget.

1. Find your perfect Amalfi Coast town.

The most popular destination on the coast is Positano, and for good reason: the town is famous for sunset-hued houses that cover the green hillsides, with the sea sparkling below. But all this beauty has a downside: lots of tourists, high prices, and stairs. So many stairs! Older family members may have a hard time climbing and descending hundreds of steps each day to reach shops, restaurants, and the beach.

If you’re renting a luxury villa for a multigenerational vacation, consider a smaller (and less vertical) town. Maiori has the longest stretch of beach on the Amalfi Coast and the ruined Castle of Thoro-Plano. Ravello has ravishingly beautiful gardens and churches. The town of Amalfi is tiny but lively, with an 11th-century cathedral.1

2. Choose the best time for your Amalfi Coast vacation.

Multigenerational trips are often dictated by school and work schedules — but try, if you can, to avoid the peak months of July and August. That’s when the coast is at its hottest and most crowded. May and June are ideal, as is September; the water’s warm and the flowers are blooming.2 In winter, you’ll be able to enjoy the solitude, but many restaurants and attractions will be closed.  

Another factor to consider when planning your Amalfi Coast vacation: the wonderful festivals! In the summer, several towns observe saints’ feast days with colorful processions. Held from late July through early August, the Luminaria di San Domenico is a festival of light that involves lighting thousands of candles in elaborate patterns. In August and September is the Ravello Festival, which hosts performers from jazz musicians to chamber music ensembles on a stage overlooking the sea. Then, at the end of September, Positano revels in the Festa del Pesce (Fish Festival), with abundant seafood, wine, and dancing.

3. Browse Amalfi Coast luxury villas.

This is the fun part! First, you should know that “villa” doesn’t always mean a centuries-old house surrounded by farmland; it can also be an urban apartment or seaside condo. That being said, you’re sure to find your dream villa on the Amalfi Coast, whether it’s medieval or modern. Before you book, consider:

Is accessibility an issue? If a villa stands 92 steps above the road, it’s probably not ideal for older family members.
What about safety? While your dream villa may be perched high atop a rocky cliff or steep terrace, that might not be advisable if you have small children in your party.
What amenities do you need? Hot tubs, pools, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and satellite television are all nice perks — but they can add to the cost of your trip. Which ones are must-haves for your family?
Do you want to keep everyone together, or spread out? The whole point of multigenerational travel is togetherness… but when the family group spans teenagers, little kids and older adults, it’s smart to give everyone some space. Some villas have multiple wings or buildings, so night owls can party, kids can play and tired adults can rest without disturbing each other.
Do you want a housekeeper, cook or concierge? Some larger luxury villas on the Amalfi Coast include staff.
How easy is it to get around? A remote villa may sound appealing, but in practice, you may want to walk to shops and restaurants. It’s nice to be close to at least one of the bus lines that service the Amalfi Coast towns, so you don’t have to worry about driving.
How do you get to the beach? The sea views may be spectacular, but does it take 45 minutes to stroll down to the sand?

4. Work out your budget.

Some high-end Amalfi Coast villas — the ones with eight bedrooms, palatial furnishings and views to die for — may command a weekly high-season rent on par with the price of a luxury car. But it’s possible to have a luxury villa experience for less. Timing is the biggest factor. Browsing listings, we found one that drops from $34,000 the week of Sept. 15 to $25,800 the following week. Another, smaller but still spectacular, costs $6,500 per week in early April, compared to $16,500 in July. To save money, you may also choose to stay less than a week. 

When you’re booking your villa, read the fine print carefully to find out if there are additional costs. Some villas include everything: a chef, housekeeper, laundry service and more. Others may charge you for electricity consumption per kilowatt-hour, for telephone usage or for other services.

5. Plan your activities.

For a multigenerational Amalfi Coast vacation, you’ll need to find a few things that everyone in the family can enjoy together. Consider a cooking class at the Hotel Il San Pietro, taught in the hotel’s beachfront kitchen. Or a boat tour of Capri on a traditional gozzo, stopping at hidden sea grottoes for a swim. Explore the churches and gardens in each coastal town, or do some shopping. You’ll definitely want to pick up some limoncello liqueur to take home, as well as handmade paper and colorful, painted ceramics. For an unforgettable day trip, visit the ruins at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

6. Protect your Amalfi Coast vacation with travel insurance.

As delightful as an Amalfi Coast family vacation can be, it’s not going to be cheap. That’s why it’s essential to protect your trip with travel insurance that includes trip cancellation benefits. OneTrip Prime is a popular plan for overseas trips that can cover kids 17 and under for free when they’re traveling with a parent or grandparent (not available on policies issued to Pennsylvania residents). Get a quote today!

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