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Why Is TravelSmart One of the Best Free Travel Apps?

Why TravelSmart App
Allianz - Why TravelSmart App

It’s more than just a way to access your travel insurance policy. It’s more than just a flight tracker. It’s everything you need to travel safely, stay organized and get help when you need it. Best of all, it’s free — and you don’t have to be an Allianz Global Assistance policyholder to use it.

The TravelSmart app from Allianz Global Assistance makes it easy to locate emergency services and medical providers abroad, contact our assistance center, translate medical needs and more.

It’s “one of the more robust travel apps out there right now,” travel editor Keryn Means recently told “Good Morning Washington.” What makes TravelSmart one of the best free travel apps for iPhone and Android? Here are its five crucial functions.

When you’re facing an emergency, the TravelSmart app gets you help fast.

Every American knows that for an emergency, you dial 911. When you’re traveling overseas, however, that doesn’t hold true. In Iceland, you dial 112; in New Zealand, 111; and in many other countries, there are individual numbers for police, ambulance, and fire.

In a crisis, you don’t have time to search for the right number. The TravelSmart app gives you immediate access to local police, fire, ambulance, and American embassy phone numbers, right from the TravelSmart home screen.

Need personalized help? Don’t panic. Hit “Contact us” and you’ll be connected to our award-winning travel assistance team. Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, our multilingual assistance team is always available to help our policy holders with travel-related assistance and emergency medical situations. They can serve as interpreters, contact the embassy on your behalf, get a message to your family, arrange emergency medical transportation, if needed, and more.

When you’re in trouble, the TravelSmart app tells you where to go.

If you get robbed in Rabat, catch a bug in Bogota, or lose your passport in Prague, TravelSmart can help. The Assistance Around Me feature uses geolocation to help you find the nearest doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, police stations, and U.S. embassies within 10 km of your location. For hospitals, you’ll see a checkmark indicating facilities that are recommended by Allianz Global Assistance. The app connects with Apple Maps, Google Maps and/or your favorite ride share app to get you turn-by-turn directions. If you’re a policy holder, be sure to contact the assistance hotline before seeking medical care. Please note that you must have location services enabled on your device in order to use Assistance Around Me. Allianz Global Assistance is not responsible for any data usage fees that may apply.

When you don’t speak the local language, the TravelSmart app can help communicate the essentials.

If you’re sick or in pain, and you don’t speak the language, how can you communicate what you need? The TravelSmart app’s Medical Translator feature translates more than 60 first aid terms from English to 18 common foreign languages for easy reference. If you need to fill an emergency prescription overseas, TravelSmart gives you the universal name for more than 750 common medications, so you can be confident you’re asking for exactly what you need. For medical emergencies, call the 24-hour assistance hotline to speak with an associate who can get you the help you need. Most Allianz Global Assistance plans include free hotline access for policy holders; customers are responsible for any fees incurred by third parties.

When you want to organize all your crucial travel info in one place, the TravelSmart app puts it at your fingertips.

TravelSmart is one of the best free travel apps because it puts the most important information first. From the home screen, you can track your flight and access your travel insurance plan documents. At a glance, you can see your plan start and end dates, covered individuals, all your benefits and the dollar limit for each, and a PDF of your plan documents. You can also email the policy to yourself or contact customer service quickly. If you encounter a hiccup — or a major problem — while you’re traveling, you can easily check your plan documents to find out what your plan covers.

When you need to file a travel insurance claim, the TravelSmart app makes the process simple.

Travel mishaps are frustrating. Filing a claim shouldn’t be. With the TravelSmart app, you can file a claim from your phone. The Claims feature lets you submit your claim and the supporting documentation in minutes, wherever you are. You also can check the status of an existing claim — under review, being processed or complete — and choose how you’d like to receive your reimbursement.

One more thing: Before heading overseas, check with your mobile provider to make sure your phone will work in your destination country, and to ask about any costs associated with using data or making calls overseas. The TravelSmart app uses location services to help the user find facilities (in the Assistance Around Me feature), get instant access to emergency numbers, and more. Location services aren’t typically associated with a cost, though data/Wi-Fi will be used to locate facilities. Users of the TravelSmart app have access to emergency numbers for every country, regardless of data accessibility.

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