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Using Travel Insurance is Even Easier with the Allyz® TravelSmart App

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It’s a pre-trip ritual that many of us partake in: downloading essential travel apps right before the big getaway.

Maybe it happens as we pack our bags the evening before we break away. Or perhaps it occurs on the ride over to the airport. No matter when or where it happens, we carefully scan our smartphone’s apps to see if we have the ones matching our airline, hotel and maybe even the ticketing site we bought those front-row concerts seats from.

But what about travel insurance? If you were wise enough to purchase a travel insurance policy through Allianz Global Assistance, don’t you want to be equally savvy by having that plan a finger swipe away?

That’s what we thought. Allyz® TravelSmart is a user-friendly app that helps you access your travel insurance plan on the go — in addition to taking advantage of a whole host of additional intuitive features that provide peace of mind when you need it most.

You can’t beat the price: it’s free. And Allyz TravelSmart is available for both iPhone (iOS devices) and Android smartphones.

Here’s a closer look at Allyz TravelSmart…

How Allyz® TravelSmart Makes it Easier to Manage Your Travel Insurance

When you’re traveling, you’re always on the clock. Either you’re sprinting to make a connecting flight or pleading with your Uber or Lyft driver to go faster so you can make your dinner reservation.

Even if your itinerary solely consists of lounging on a rented beach chair under the shade of an umbrella, well, that time is precious and fleeting, too. You don’t want to waste it rifling through your messenger bag for a printed copy of your travel insurance documents or trying to guess the Wi-Fi password of the random resort you’re sunbathing in front of to access your plan documents via the Allianz Global Assistance site.

You want the fastest, easiest way to access your travel insurance plan. And that way is the Allyz TravelSmart app. It’s a good thing you’ve already downloaded it the night before or on the way to the airport, right?

Right after downloading the app is an ideal time to plug in your essential trip details, including your destination country and flight information. Afterward, you can check in on the specific details of your travel insurance plan, and even track your flights and any travel insurance claims you’ve made for that particular trip.

Finally, Allyz TravelSmart can assist with mobile travel insurance plan management in one more valuable way. You can reach our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team on the fly. Just hit the Contact button at the bottom of your screen to be connected to our 24-Hour Hotline Assistance in clicks.

How Allyz® TravelSmart Can Help You Travel Safely

Travel is all about new experiences, but you also want to enjoy those experiences as safely as possible (it's why you got travel protection in the first place, right?). If you're looking for ways to feel a little extra secure on your trip, look no further than the Allyz TravelSmart app.

Travel conditions can change quickly, but with the app's handy Alerts feature, you can get timely, location-specific advisories about events that may impact your travels, including developments about security, weather, health, transportation, culture, and more. You can also read knowledgeable advice on how to handle the alerts around you, which can help you make safer decisions on the go. For example: you're traveling in Paris, and you get an alert about a planned protest. You see the impact will be transportation and business disruptions, as well as heightened security in the city, and you're advised to allow additional time to reach your destination if you plan to be in the area.

How Allyz® TravelSmart Can Help You In An Emergency

Sometimes, travel doesn't go quite as smoothly as you hoped. You can't always prevent speed bumps on your road trip or turbulence on your flight, literally and metaphorically speaking, but you can be better prepared for them with TravelSmart.

Allyz TravelSmart has a number of features to help with emergencies big and small, including:

  • Local Emergency Numbers: Dialing 911 isn’t a universal means of reporting an emergency. Different countries use different numbers. But don’t worry, Allyz TravelSmart will connect you with local police, fire, and ambulance personnel at the touch of a button. No need to memorize a single number.
  • Around Me: The last thing you want to do in an emerency is waste time looking up where to head for help. With Around Me, you can find nearby help in a flash, including prescreened medical facilities, pharmacies, police stations, and U.S. embassies.
  • RX and First Aid Term Translator: Translate and learn key medical terms in an instant. You can even find the universal name for common medications, which will help any pharmacist find the remedy you're looking for.

And remember, if you're having a travel emergency, you can call our 24-Hour Hotline Assistance for help anytime—straight from the app. Our team can assist you with everything from lost passports and rebooking flights, to helping you find medical assistance overseas.

Allyz TravelSmart can give you the confidence to travel off the beaten path knowing that you’re just a few taps or a call away from expert assistance. It can also make navigating your plan a breeze, whether you’re cruising on a gondola or troubleshooting a delay. As we continue to innovate Allyz TravelSmart, be on the lookout for new features and functionality designed to make your travel insurance plan, and overall travel experience, even easier and more enjoyable.

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Sep 03, 2019