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How to Read Your Certificate of Insurance

How to Read Your Certificate of Insurance

You should always read your travel insurance plan documents before you travel. This video tells you a few key things to look for: how your travel insurance works, benefits your plan includes, situations that can be covered, coverage exclusions and more.


Before you travel, it’s essential to read through your Certificate of Insurance or Policy Documents.

The policy documents are different for each plan, and may also change depending on which state you live in. For this example, we’re going to look at a Certificate of Insurance for the Classic Plan.

This certificate explains, in general, how your travel insurance works. Your specific coverage is detailed in the Letter of Confirmation or Declaration Pages you received. Be aware that this certificate may describe coverage your plan doesn’t include.

Section 1 outlines the agreement between you and your travel insurance provider.

Section 2 explains the benefits included in your travel insurance plan, as well as the situations, events and losses that are covered.

Section 3 explains your plan’s exclusions, which may vary by state of residence.

Section 4 explains who is covered, and tells you when your coverage begins and ends.

Section 5 tells you how to make a claim.

Section 6 explains how we define important terms, like “family member” and “existing medical condition.”

This second part of your plan documents explains the emergency medical and dental benefits that may be included in your plan.

At the end of your plan documents, you may see a page that says “Endorsement.” This describes any changes to the documents that apply to your specific plan.

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Nov 08, 2019