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Single Trip vs Annual Travel Insurance Plans

Single Trip vs. Annual Travel Insurance Plans

Should you buy single-trip insurance or an annual travel insurance plan? That depends on your travel plans for the next 365 days. If you generally take one big vacation each year, a OneTrip plan may be the best choice. People who take several short trips, including business trips and weekend getaways, can save money with an AllTrips plan.


Some fly south for the winter and then back — just one big trip a year — with the predictability of migratory birds. Others are jet-setters, taking many business and pleasure trips.

There are travel insurance plans built for all types of travelers, including a range of single-trip plans that are exactly what they sound like: they cover just one trip.

Then there are annual travel plans, which are multi-trip plans designed for frequent travelers. Annual plans offer cost savings when you compare their bottom line vs. buying several single-trip plans. Additionally, booking a plan once and having benefits all year requires less time and there are fewer confirmation numbers to track. Convenient, right?

But you don’t need to be zig-zagging around the globe for it to make sense to purchase one. Taking just a handful of trips each year makes it a better deal to select an annual plan vs. several single-trip plans. Before selecting a single trip plan, consider the trips you haven’t penciled in yet, unexpected escapes and last-minute trips that would be included under your annual plan.

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Nov 08, 2019