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Proactive claim payments sent within minutes of qualifying flight delays are just one of the innovative SmartBenefits® now included with the OneTrip Premier plan. Our customers told us they wanted faster claim filing and expanded benefits - so we made it happen. Here's a closer look at all the ways SmartBenefits® can make your travel experience better.

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Flight delays are a hassle, and they can also mean unexpected expenses like meals or hotels. But if you’ve got a travel protection plan with SmartBenefits, a qualifying flight delay might also mean something you’ll actually like: an automatic claim payment of a hundred dollars for every person insured.

SmartBenefits are easy to use. When you buy your travel protection, just tell us your flight number so we can monitor for delays. Once we detect your qualifying delay, we’ll send you an email or text to let you know you’re eligible for the automatic $100 claim payment, which can help with covered expenses during your delay – like meals or hotels.

Choose how you want to receive your money: by a mailed check, direct deposit, or straight to your debit card. If your covered delay expenses end up being more than your SmartBenefits payment, don’t worry. You can still submit a claim for additional expenses up to the maximum limit specified in your plan. Just send us receipts for your remaining expenses.

Delays happen, but they can be a lot easier when you’ve got a plan with SmartBenefits. Read your plan documents or contact us for more details, and make your travels a little smarter.

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Mar 19, 2021