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Top Family-Friendly Vacation Home Rentals

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Some of life’s best memories can be made on family vacations, so it’s no wonder so many of us look forward to some time away with our loved ones every year. But when you’re trying to maintain a safe distance from the vacationing crowds, finding a good spot to get away can be tricky.

Enter: vacation home rentals. They’re the perfect way to have a little seclusion without sacrificing your fun—and with so many unique rentals out there, you’re sure to find amenities that your family will love.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few pretty excellent rental options—from woodsy escapes to over-the-top mansions—that may just get you inspired. (One note: before you make your plans, just be sure to check if there are any state travel restrictions that may impact your getaway.)

Rustic Roosts

The wilderness is one of the easier places to keep your distance—but camping isn’t everyone’s idea of a relaxing getaway (especially if you don’t relish the idea of sharing a tent with your entire immediate family and about a dozen mystery insects).

Even if traditional camping isn’t your family’s thing, your brood might be open to glamping—you know, enjoying the great outdoors with a few modern amenities. One great glamping getaway is this bite-sized bungalow in Gore Mountain, New York. Though small in stature, this wee home is big on charm. Sleeping up to four (including a cozy sleeping loft), the house is equipped with a wood-burning stove, and is surrounded by 200 acres of tree-studded land. It’s a perfect place for your family to get back to nature.

But if you’re after something a little more glamorous (and if running water is a must-have), the Forest House on Orcas Island, Washington is bound to blow your mind. Formerly known as the Hobbit House, this jaw-dropping dwelling is nestled in a beautiful stretch of woods—though once you hear about the amenities, you may find that you’re perfectly content staying inside.

Features you’re likely to love? Instead of the standard four walls, the living room is 12-sided, with plenty of windows to view the surrounding water and wildlife. You can also kick back on one of the house’s three decks, or take a climb to the tower, where you’ll find a comfy couch for reading. You’ll even find a sunken round soaking tub—perfect for a relaxing night in. And with a giant overhead skylight in the bedroom, you’ll still be able to enjoy one of the best parts of camping: falling asleep under the stars.

Posh Pads

Forget tents, campers, and bungalows—for some of us, vacationing is a chance to truly go all out. If you’re a five-star kind of family, there are plenty of swanky (and highly, highly spacious) rentals that will fit the bill.

Situated on three acres, Columns Mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma is 7,000 square feet of luxury. No cramped quarters here: the house has seven bedrooms, multiple living rooms, and a dining room table that seats 12. Head to the master bath and you’ll find a massive tub (and a fireplace!), where you can enjoy a view of Tulsa while you soak. Don’t worry, there’s plenty for your family to do while you relax: the mansion has an outdoor heated pool, a lit basketball court, and a home theater. To top off your visit, you can watch the Oklahoma sunrise from the expansive porch.

Cozy Cottages

Not everyone needs pure luxury to enjoy a vacation—in fact, there’s a lot to be said about simple pleasures. If you love comfortable digs with plenty of personality, check out some of the snuggly spaces you and your family can enjoy away from the crowds.

Take a trip to a restored 1850s farmhouse in Luray, Virginia, which will welcome you with old school charm. The brick farmhouse has a long, lazy porch, equipped with plenty of Adirondack chairs so you can sit back and enjoy the view. Inside, you’ll find two bedrooms that can sleep up to six people, including a king size bed in the master suite. Cook a delightful dinner in the brick kitchen, or use the outdoor BBQ grill. The house is stocked with games, playing cards, and books, so you can also enjoy a family night while you get away from it all.

One-of-a-Kind Wonderlands

If you see vacations as a chance to do something out of the ordinary, renting a house may seem a little ho-hum—but that’s because you haven’t seen some of the wild destinations that are available for a short stay.

The Sweet Escape outside of Orlando, Florida is like nothing you’ve ever seen before: it’s a candy-themed luxury rental with eleven sweets suites, each with their own sugary theme. Situated on five private acres, you’re sure to get all the seclusion you need—but you certainly won’t be short on fun. Where to begin about the amenities? Let’s start with The Den of 8,000 Balls, or maybe laser tag and VR game center, or private karaoke club. Head outside and you’ll also find a pool in the shape of an ice cream cone (complete with chocolate slide), a mini golf course, and a glow disc golf course. The Sweet Escape is proof you don’t need theme parks to have a great time in Orlando.

And then there’s a vacation rental that’s bound to get you excited about ruffing it: the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. Situated inside “the World’s Biggest Beagle”—the inn itself is shaped like an enormous dog—this bed and breakfast is a pup lover’s paradise. The interior also pays homage to man’s best friend with dog-inspired décor, including a headboard with carvings of 26 pooches. On the second story deck, you can take a break from the dog-eat-dog world with a beautiful view of the prairie. You’ll also enjoy a delightful breakfast spread that will leave you wagging your tail.  

No matter which vacation rental home you’re dreaming about, when it’s time to go, protect your plans with Allianz Travel Insurance—along with benefits like trip cancellation, you’ll have access to our 24-hour assistance at your back in case of the unexpected, which can help you breathe easier during your stay.

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