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4 Perfect Adventure Destinations for Couples

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If you're looking to whisk your sweetheart away for an extraordinary adventure, you're in luck. Here are options that will have you clinging to each other in excitement and others that will leave you reaching out to hold hands as your marvel at world's beauty together.

Scuba Diving Manchones Reef in Cancun, Mexico

Manchones Reef is perhaps the most beautiful place to scuba dive in North America, with the bonus of underwater sculptures. There really is nothing else like it in the world, and you and your sweetie will be captivated as you explore the artwork submerged by Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA).

In addition to the enchanting submerged works at MUSA, you will see queen angel fish, parrot fish and snappers. The dive goes down to about 0.6 miles in spots, but most of the area is less than 50 feet deep. Even if neither of you have much experience scuba diving, you shouldn't have any difficulties.

Where to stay:

Since Manchones Reef runs along Cancun, the options for a perfect love nest abound. Excellence Playa Mujeres, an adults-only resort with rooms that feature everything from flat-screen TVs to hot tubs is highly recommended, as are the Beloved Hotel and Hyatt Zilara Cancun.

Where to eat:

Cancun is packed with romantic dining options, so surprise your sugar with his or her favorite cuisine.

Skydiving Over Monterey Bay, California

Allianz - Skydiving

Falling in love is definitely a plunge, so why not take the next step — and freefall together? It's difficult to beat a skydiving adventure over beautiful Monterey Bay, California. Jumping from a small airplane 10,000 feet above sea level is quite a thrill — and the maximum altitude for most NoCal operations. But arrange your leap of faith with Skydive Monterey Bay, and you'll get an extra 8,000 feet. While most freefalls last less than one minute, the two of you will get about 90 seconds to enjoy the view and embrace the adrenaline rush.

Where to stay:

The Sanctuary Beach Resort offers some of the most luxurious rooms near Marina Municipal Airport, where Skydive Monterey Bay is located. Many rooms have waterfront views if you and your sugar are ocean gazers. If you are a pair of land lubbers, there are also romantic rooms looking over the beach's sand dunes.

Where to eat:

After skydiving, head inland to Frutti De Mar Grill, one of the area's best seafood restaurants for sensual and scrumptious dishes such as Crab Ravioli, Scampi Della Casa and Linguine De Marina.

Hiking Kalalau Trail in Hawaii

Allianz - Hawaii Trail

Kalalau Trail is an 11-mile (each way) trek through the mountainous wilds of Kauai, Hawaii's oldest island. You and your significant someone can warm up on the easygoing beginning of the trail — the farther you travel along the trail, the more difficult it gets. Be especially careful during and after rainfalls, when it can turn into slick mud and rocks. Despite Kalalau Trail's sometimes treacherous nature, you and your sugar will feel like the last two people on Earth as you work up a sweat. Holding hands as you look down over the Pacific Ocean together is something neither of you will ever forget.

If you want a guided hike, contact Kayak Kauai, Kauai Nature Adventures or the local Sierra Club.

Where to stay:

Turn your walk into a true adventure by surprising your significant other with an overnight camping permit, which you need to hike beyond the first two miles of Kalalau Trail. Kayak Kauai is the most convenient place to rent hiking and camping equipment, so you can be perfectly prepared for cuddle time in your tent!

Where to eat:

Since Kalalau Trail runs through protected lands, food is limited to what you bring. After your hike, you can head to the island's west coast to visit Hukilau Lanai, an authentic Hawaiian restaurant with tempting and shareable dishes like Macadamia Nut Chicken, Kauai Clams and Makaweli Beef. You both deserve the luxury!

Kayaking Juniper Run in Florida

Allianz - Kayaking

Juniper Run is a pleasant, seven-mile stream that runs through Juniper Prairie Wilderness, part of Ocala National Forest. The stream meanders through a long stretch of old-growth forest, making it an ultra-romantic escape. Kayaking for two is a beautiful way to enjoy Florida's wilderness without succumbing to the sun's heat.

Prepare for plenty of paddling as it's fairly strenuous. Rent kayaks at the Juniper Springs Recreation Area and be prepared for plenty of paddling. Make sure to arrive before 11:30 — that's when the concession stand stops renting equipment. A shuttle brings you from the stand to the beginning of Juniper Run.

Where to stay:

The closest hotels are at least half an hour away, but you can skip the driving by camping at Juniper Campground, which has 78 comfortable sites so you can get cozy after your trip downstream.

The idyllic Sweetwater Cabin in the Juniper Springs Recreation Area is a perfect hideaway--it even has its own spring and swimming areas. It's so perfect that Juniper Springs holds a lottery to determine who gets to reserve it! It's built to hold 12 people, so it might be a little more than you need for your getaway.

Where to eat:

There are several eateries within Ocala National Forest. The Mojo Grill & Catering Company offers an authentic southern experience, with a variety of tasty eats and Blues music playing. Cafe on the Lake and Lena's Seafood are also popular romantic options near Juniper Run.

No matter where you go, play it safe by taking Allianz Travel Insurance with you on your journeys. Enjoy your adventure together!

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May 04, 2018