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How Allianz Makes Filing a Travel Insurance Claim Easy

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Some travel insurance claims are small, like reimbursement for an airport lunch during a flight delay. Some are major, like reimbursement for a canceled trans-Atlantic cruise. Whenever your travel plans go awry, you want to file a claim easily and be reimbursed quickly. That’s why Allianz Global Assistance has rolled out several innovations to streamline filing a travel insurance claim and receiving payment. Here’s what we did.

We simplified the travel insurance claims form process.

There’s no getting around the fact that detailed documentation is required for a travel insurance claim. But after listening to our customers’ experiences, we decided to make the claim form shorter and simpler. The redesign should help customers complete the requested information faster, more accurately and with fewer questions.  The simpler process should also help consumers avoid payment delays caused by incomplete claim forms.

We’re giving customers the option of direct-deposit payments.

Your paycheck is direct-deposit. Your tax refund is direct-deposit. Why should you have to wait for a paper check for your travel insurance claim reimbursements? Now, when you file a Allianz Global Insurance travel claim, you can select your preferred payment method: direct deposit, receiving a check by mail, or a debit-card deposit (available May 2017). When you choose direct deposit, you can get your payment in just 1-2 days following approval of your claim.

We’re helping customers file travel insurance claims on their mobile devices.

Our customers don’t spend a lot of time sitting still. They’re globe-trotting travelers — and our travel insurance claims process needs to keep up. We added a Claims button to the Allianz Global Assistance TravelSmart app, enabling customers to easily file a claim on their mobile devices, anywhere in the world. You also can check the status of an existing claim. Log in, and the app will show you if your claim is under review, being processed or complete.

Don’t have the free TravelSmart app? Get it now! It’s an all-in-one travel advisor that lets you access your travel insurance policy, check your flight information, translate medical needs into foreign languages, find the nearest pre-screened medical facility, call local emergency numbers, and contact our 24-hour emergency hotline when you need assistance from our team of travel experts. Watch travel writer Lee Abbamonte explain why he takes the app with him on his travels around the world.

How to file a travel insurance claim with Allianz Global Assistance

Need to file a claim? Begin online, either on the File a Claim page or by hitting the Claims button in the TravelSmart app. Look up your policy by email address or policy number, as well as departure date or policy purchase date. Or, if you have an account on, you can log in to access your policy and file a claim.

Then, answer the questions and provide supporting documentation. In order to process your claim quickly and accurately, we need all the information you can provide. That means submitting detailed documentation for your trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expenses, lost baggage or other claim. See the required documents for your claim here.

If you don’t know how to find a specific document, or you’re not sure if a particular situation is covered by your travel insurance plan, just ask. Contact Allianz Global Assistance anytime , and we’ll gladly walk you through the claims process.

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