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8 Advantages of RV Travel

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Have you discovered the joys of an RV trip? This mode of traveling is very popular, and with good reason. It offers benefits that include cost savings, flexibility and much more. Here are the advantages that explain why millions of Americans are opting for RV vacations.

1. Save Money

While RV trips involve higher gas costs, the savings on other expenses more than offset this outlay. In planning how much money you'll need for a vacation, you should factor in the cost of renting an RV if you don't own or can't borrow one. However, even with the inclusion of this cost, an RV vacation can be up to 78 percent less expensive than traditional travel.

One of the main economic advantages is lodging. The charge for an overnight stay at a full-service RV park runs between $25 and $40, as of 2015 — prices that are considerably less than a hotel. If you have a large family and typically rent two hotel rooms per night, your savings increase. You can save further on lodging by parking your RV at a Wal-Mart or roadside rest area, both of which are free.

The other major expense that makes RV trips attractive to budget-minded travelers is meals. Since your kitchen goes wherever you go, you can save a bundle on food costs by cooking. It's possible for $150 worth of groceries to feed a family of four for a week. This compares favorably to the cost of restaurant meals, which can easily run $100 per day for the same number of diners. Even with an occasional indulgence of a meal out, the savings are substantial.

2. Flexibility

If you want the most flexible vacation possible, RV travel is a good choice. It offers complete freedom and a welcome respite from being tethered to a schedule. You can stop wherever and whenever you like and extend or shorten your stay in any location. It's also easy to change your destination at the last minute.

3. Convenience

Convenience is a nice benefit because your RV is a literal home on wheels. Since there are no luggage restrictions, you can pack extras like board games, sports equipment and even a small barbecue! Having a restroom available 24/7 is another convenience. Most motor homes come equipped with entertainment systems, so you won't be without many of the amenities that you're used to at home.

4. Spending Time in the Outdoors

America's national parks have breathtaking scenery, and your RV provides a front-row seat to savor it. You get close-up views of flora and fauna, along with wide vistas of forests, mountains, lakes and beaches. Your trip gives you opportunities for relaxing in the fresh air and enjoying sports like fishing, hiking, bicycling and kayaking. Connecting with nature imparts revitalization and renewal that you might not get from a traditional vacation.

5. Family Bonding

Modern life is terribly busy, with family members often going in separate directions. Because RV trips let parents spend quality time with their children, many feel these vacations are a great way to bond. Engaging in family activities during the day and telling stories around a campfire at night create memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime.

6. Camaraderie

RV parks are good places to develop friendships. Most campgrounds offer socials, entertainment and game nights — occasions where you can take the time to get to know your fellow campers. You can schmooze and share stories with the adults, and your children can play with the other children who are on vacation. Such camaraderie and instant chumminess would be unheard of at a hotel.

7. Opportunity to Unplug

Electronic devices are an integral part of today's lifestyle, but taking a break from them can be conducive to emotional health. If you normally check your email multiple times a day, unplugging from the Internet can produce a wonderful sense of relaxation. Make it a point to leave these gadgets at home so they won't distract from and hinder deepening relationships with family. Adopting a simpler mode of living during your trip is a small sacrifice that pays big dividends.

8. Educational Experience

RV vacations can foster learning in a fun way. In-depth exploration of nooks and crannies of the country is enlightening, while touring museums, presidential libraries and historic villages is educational. Bringing along a pair of binoculars and bird book can make bird-watching an interesting pursuit, and, in addition, children gain a greater appreciation for nature through identifying constellations or animal tracks. The classroom of the outdoors includes encounters with elements such as wildlife and geographical formations, experiences that are not available in a traditional school.

An important part of getting ready for an RV trip is buying trip insurance from Allianz Global Assistance. It won't cover the RV if it's in an accident, but it will reimburse any prepaid expenses, such as an RV rental fee or park reservation, and it can provide you with the peace of mind to really enjoy your trip.

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Jun 09, 2016