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13 Things You Might Not Have Known About Travel Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance

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1. You Have at Least 10 Days to Get a Refund.

Not satisfied? Having a change of heart? Don’t want to be protected? Of course you want to be protected. Who wouldn’t want to be protected? But things change. Such is life. As long as your trip hasn’t started and you haven’t filed a claim, you can get your money back! It’s easy. Just ask.

2. Annual Plans Can Save You a Ton of $

Do you travel more than once a year? Chances are an Annual Plan is a better option. If you’re a business traveler, it certainly makes sense. That said, those jet-setters who take more than one trip a year can benefit just as well. See our Annual Plan options >>

3. Airline Change Fees May Be Covered

Life is fickle. So is travel. What can you do? You need to change your departure date and time. Your airline will almost certainly charge you a fee to do so. Fortunately, some change fees are covered. Check your policy language. We’ll try to work with you not against you, don’t worry. Don’t assume we won’t cover the fees.

4. Cancelling a Hotel

Don’t add the hotel costs to your plan until you find out what the hotel’s cancellation policy is. In some cases, hotels will offer you a full refund if you cancel within a certain timeframe. Check with the hotel first before you enter trip costs into your insurance plan quote. You might save some money.

5. Concierge Services Included

Are you in Barcelona and need to find a vegetarian friendly restaurant? Call us. Certain plans have concierge services to help make your trip amazing. We can even send you information before you depart to make your trip planning easier. It’s one of the perks that we provide that flies under the radar, but it might be the most useful — especially, if you never need to file a claim.

6. You Can Get Travel Insurance with an Existing Medical Condition

A common misconception among many travelers is that you can’t purchase a plan with an existing medical condition. As with any plan, there are restrictions. Above all else, you must be medically able to travel the day you purchase the policy. Call us. We can talk you through it if you have questions or concerns. Read this article for more info >>

7. Traveling When Pregnant

Another misunderstood topic is the when and ifs of travel insurance as it relates to traveling when pregnant or cancelling a trip because of a pregnancy complication. If you give birth in a hospital while on vacation, chances are you won’t be covered for your hospital stay. If a health emergency occurs related to the baby on the trip or you need to cancel because of unforeseen complications? That’s a different story. We don’t want either of these to happen, but if they do, let us know. We love talking on the phone. Read this article for more info >>

8. Baggage Loss = New Wardrobe

The worst thing that can happen to anyone on a commercial flight to a foreign land is losing your baggage! Ok, it’s bad. It might not be the worst. What will you wear on holiday in the South of France if you don’t have your luggage? Check your policy, but in most cases we’ll reimburse you for that new Panama hat because the one you wanted to wear is in a suitcase in Akron, OH.

9. TravelSmart Mobile App

It’s our newly re-designed TravelSmart app for iPhone and Android. It’s the freshest thing in your phone. Check flights and your policy info, and rest easy knowing you have access to a medication dictionary, international hospital search tool, and first aid translator. And, if you need more assistance? Call our hotline….with one tap. Easy. It’s all in the palm of your hand. Good Morning Washington reviewed it as one of the six travel apps to score a last-minute deal

10. Your Domestic Medical Insurance Will NOT Cover You in Borneo

You have the greatest job with the greatest health coverage. Congratulations. But, did you know that when you are abroad, it’s a pretty sure bet that you aren’t covered by your plan? If you have an accident or take ill from a bad meal, what happens when you need to see a doctor? That’s a huge reason you need travel insurance. It’s the safer way to travel.

11. Extreme Sports and Reading Your Policy

If you plan on running with bulls in Pamplona or hang gliding off a cliff in Chile, you might want to be extra careful. If you get injured, your medical bills may not be reimbursed. This is not to say that you can’t enjoy the thrill of those experiences, but there’s a good chance that (insert extreme sport of choice) will be on a list of no-nos with Allianz Travel Insurance. Read your policy if you have a propensity to thrill ride. It’s just logical.

12. Named Events and Traveling Before Someone Names Them

If you book a trip and don’t purchase travel insurance, that’s fine. We’re against it, but that’s your choice. If you then decide to purchase a policy when you find out a tropical storm MIGHT ruin your honeymoon, you’ll probably wish you had purchased earlier. Once a weather event becomes named (Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm George, etc.), you won’t be covered if you didn’t already have a policy beforehand. Don’t think twice next time. Buy the policy!

13. Medical Evacuation Coverage

A medical evacuation is expensive. If you need to be airlifted off a cruise ship because you are in dire need of surgery, you’ll be happy you have travel insurance. A helicopter ride above the Atlantic is not an ambulance trip down the interstate. It will cost you a year’s salary. Seriously. Get insurance. Medical evacuations are covered in many Allianz Travel Insurance policies.

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Jun 13, 2017