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Fortunately, travel insurance isn’t like a free hat given away at a minor league baseball game or socks you buy out of necessity at a gas station located beside a bowling alley.

In other words, travel insurance is not one size fits all.

At Allianz Global Assistance, we’ve grown our travel insurance plan options so that there is a fitting plan for every type of getaway, whether you’re making a family road trip on a budget or jet-setting to a new international destination by your lonesome every month.

With a variety of benefits, price points, and other features, we have a travel insurance plan for everyone. And while we don’t have time or space right here to play the match game with every travel scenario and travel insurance plan, we have taken the time to pair up some of the most popular getaways with a fitting plan. 

Buckle up, take out your upcoming itineraries, and find the appropriate travel insurance plan for your next getaways. Renting a car? Get a quote for rental car insurance.

Travel Insurance for Adventure Travel

It’s not news that adventure travel continues to rank among the hottest travel trends. But what may surprise you is that adventure travel isn’t about challenging the laws of gravity during free-range rock-climbing sessions or hacking through dense vegetation in search of the Fountain of Youth. In fact, despite its name, adventure travel is much more low-key. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, it’s an activity that contains three ingredients: physical activity, a connection to nature and an immersive cultural experience.1

Even more so, 90 percent of adventure travel is considered “soft travel,” meaning walking tours, bike rides, and other approachable activities. And that’s good news for travelers seeking to add travel insurance to their next globetrotting adventure, as high-risk activities such as sky diving are excluded from most plans.2

The Right Plan: AllTrips Prime Plan

Here is the thing about adventure travel: it’s addicting. Bikers, hikers, curiosity seekers and trekkers of all types aren’t the one-and-done variety. Not only can they be high-volume travelers, but they can also desire to get away on a whim. After all; adventure isn’t always planned. Sometimes it just happens. With AllTrips Prime, travelers can receive affordable protection for a full year of trips with benefits including Trip Cancellation ($3,000 annual maximum benefit), Emergency Medical ($20,000), Emergency Medical Transportation ($100,000) and others.3

Destinations to Consider

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is like visiting another planet in some ways. With more geysers than anywhere on earth, breathtaking waterfalls, and towering mountains, the 3,000-sq.-mile park spread across Wyoming and Montana is chock full of adventures no matter what the season.4 For adventurers seeking to fuel their frequent flyer miles, Romania’s Carpathian Mountains and Danube River offer some gorgeous hikes. Save time to tour Northern Moldova’s Painted Monasteries and check out Transylvania to do some vampire lore hunting.5

Travel Insurance for Solo Travel

Want to pick where you eat on your next trip — every night? Want a room all to yourself? Are you comfortable getting to know the locals without a wingman or wingwoman? Then solo travel might just be the ideal travel plan for you. And, oddly enough, you’re not alone. That’s because solo travel is one of the fastest growing travel segments out there. Take Millennials, for example, of which nearly 60 percent are willing to travel by their lonesome.6 And then there are the Baby Boomers. Not only do 40 percent of Boomers report having already taken a solo excursion, according to data, but another 20 percent-plus are planning on taking one in the future.7

The Right Plan: OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan

Not only do you get to set the agenda when you’re traveling alone, but you also get to enjoy a number of other freedoms that make the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan a great fit for students, backpackers, senior travelers, and any demographic seeking value but not tied to getting Trip Cancellation or Interruption benefits. If you have a flexible schedule or simply lack pre-paid expenses, then you may not miss having a Trip Cancellation benefit. And with the ability to extend your trip after it’s already begun — see plan benefits for limits and other details — your solo trek can itinerary can add new destinations while your trip is in progress. Travel insurance plan benefits also include Emergency Transportation ($250,000), Emergency Medical ($50,000), Travel Delay ($1,000), Travel Accident ($10,000), as well as our 24-hr. multilingual assistance hotline.8 That last benefit is key. Since you won’t have a travel companion by your side if you slip on a trail or fall ill after eating at an open-air market, Allianz Global Assistance is happy to play that role for you.

Destinations to Consider

When you’re traveling alone, choosing your destination is easier said than done. Yes, you don’t need to worry about travel companions’ preferences, food allergies and more. But choosing any destination without any constraints other than what you bring to the table can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry; we have a few ideas.

If you’re looking for a domestic solo trek, try Beaver Creek, Colorado, where a tranquil mountain setting is an ideal backdrop for activities ranging from skiing and snowboarding to hiking. If you’re looking to travel a bit further afoot, consider Northern Ireland’s Belfast and Italy’s Bologna. There is also Paris, the City of Lights, where it’s easy to navigate and equally comfortable to grab a table for one at picturesque street café.9

Travel Insurance for Family Travel

Big family vacations and even quick weekend trips can pose a sizable concern: more travelers to get sick or injured, more travelers who can lose important travel documents or bags, and more travelers whose itineraries need to be rerouted or rebooted in case something goes awry.

But this won’t stop families from the great American tradition of piling in a mini-van or filling up two aisles of economy class airline seating to visit grandma or the Baseball Hall of Fame — no matter how many times the kids ask, “are we there yet?”

The Right Plan: OneTrip Prime Plan

Imagine a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for children 17 and under for free (when accompanied by a parent or grandparent; free coverage not available on policies issued to Pennsylvania residents). Or getting near-instant, fixed payments of $100 for travel and baggage delays (no receipts needed). For these reasons and others, the OneTrip Prime Plan is a popular choice for family vacations no matter the destination. And with additional benefits including Trip Cancellation (for up to 100% of pre-paid, nonrefundable costs and Trip Interruption (up to 150%), it’s possible to pack peace of mind whether you’re a family of two or need three taxis just to get from the airport to the hotel.10

Destinations to Consider

Caribbean cruises, cross-country treks to Disney World and sweeping European tours. All are possible, but depending on the number and ages of travelers in your family, some are easier to tackle than others. If you find the adults far outnumbered, here is a tip: make it a multigenerational trip, inviting grandparents, aunts and even second-cousins. With a more desirable ratio of grown-ups to kiddos, you can tackle any itinerary, whether is taking on all of Washington, D.C.’s monuments and museums or making tracks for an all-inclusive Costa Rican resort.11

Travel Insurance for Senior Travel

Part of what makes your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond your best years is the ability to see the world, being free to roam around without being tethered to a job or having young children in tow. Whether you feel better than you have your entire life, or simply don’t get around like you used to, options abound for senior travel.

The Right Plan: OneTrip Premier Plan

Maybe you don’t need the fancy suite or chef’s tasting menu to make a trip truly memorable. But perhaps investing a bit on peace of mind sounds 100 percent worth it. With the OneTrip Premier Plan, you’ll double nearly all of your post-departure plan benefits. That’s up to $50,000 in Emergency Medical benefits and up to $1 million in Emergency Transportation benefits. Plus, with a Baggage Loss / Damage benefit of up to $2,000 and a Baggage Delay benefit of up to $600, you won’t have to do the math to know your coverage goes a long way. Finally, with a trip duration of up to 180 days (and the ability to add on at an extra cost), plus the ability to get coverage even with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition — if you meet certain conditions — this is the plan that helps you unwind and relax like no other. After all, you earned it! 12

Destinations to Consider

How about a U.S. National Park? With a senior lifetime pass (valid for those 62 and older) costing less than $100, it’s a cost-effective way to explore America’s big back yard. But let’s think bigger; after all, the OneTrip Premier travel insurance plan provides all that extra coverage. Alaska offers a comfortable pace and the ability to see everything from above thanks to “flightseeing,” another term for helicopter tours that’s a smart option for those managing mobility issues. Finally, Budapest and Vienna are two Central European destinations known for packing plenty of history and being senior friendly. 13

Remember, these pairings of travel insurance plans, trip types and destinations are just suggestions. You may find a way to match these up that makes the most sense for you, and that’s all that matters. Just remember to read travel insurance plans carefully no matter where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

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