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4 Ways You Can Deal with Flight Delays Thanks to the Allianz TravelSmart® App

woman whose flight has been delayed
Allianz - woman whose flight has been delayed

Travel can come with a lot of unexpected hiccups, but there’s none quite as anxiety-inducing as a flight delay. And while anything from bad weather to mechanical difficulties can cause a delay, travelers can often feel like their options are limited when faced with this common occurrence. That’s where the Allianz TravelSmart® app can come in. Here are just a few ways the app can help you deal with delays.

1. Track flight delays before you get to the gate.

Simply enter your flight information before departure to get real-time flight updates as far as 365 days in advance. You can also view your terminal and gate location once it has been made available.

2. Check your plan benefits for travel delays.

Easily view a complete list of your travel benefits under your policy information. From there, you’ll be able to see the definition of a covered travel delay. For the OneTrip Prime Plan, the minimum required travel delay is 6 hours, and you can be reimbursed up to $800 (with a $200 limit per 24-hour period of delay) for meals, accommodations and other eligible purchases.

3. Reach our customer care team for help in emergencies.

If you’re facing a delay that impact your travels, like missing a connecting flight, our customer care team will do their best to step up! They can potentially get you on another flight or adjust your travel plans if there is an urgent need.

4. File a travel delay claim once you’re on your way.

Once your travel plans have gotten back on track, you can tap “File A Claim” to remotely walk through the process, step-by-step. You can easily save and document any receipts for essential purchases made due to a covered delay.

Delays can be frustrating, but with your travel insurance plan and the Allianz TravelSmart® app, you can easily navigate any obstacles that come your way while traveling.

Download the Allianz TravelSmart® app today.

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