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Pack Peace of Mind on Solo Travel with TravelSmart™

Man tourist sitting outside of a cafe with a tablet while talking on his phone
Allianz - Man tourist sitting outside of a cafe with a tablet while talking on his phone

Do what you want, where you want, without making compromises or facing judgment.

This is the appeal of solo travel in a nutshell. And it’s a big reason why the phenomenon now makes up nearly 20 percent of all travel bookings.1

While solo travel can be a wildly liberating and empowering experience as you explore new lands without a friend or family member, it also comes with one big bugaboo: no buddy system. There’s no one to help you lift that heavy travel trunk, offer a second opinion on that tunic—and most critically—no one to watch your back when plans go awry.

But don’t let that stop you. Instead, supplement your common sense and street smarts with Allianz Global Assistance’s TravelSmart App. It may not be able to tell you that you have some arugula stuck in your teeth, but it can help your travel insurance plan work harder than ever. 

Packing ‘Smarter’ for Solo Travel

You’ve worked for hours to mix, match, and try on a reasonable wardrobe of clothing for your week-long solo excursion to San Francisco for the Outside Lands Festival. It’s all packed in the suitcase and now you’re scrambling to grab anything else you would need, from a portable battery charger to your trusty water bottle and even an emergency $50 bill to stuff in the bottom of one of your shoes—just in case.

Now freeze.

This moment—the time you’re taking to pause to brainstorm how to make your solo travel safe and sound—is the ideal time to install the TravelSmart App. This ideal digital companion to your Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance plan makes it a snap to access your plan details at a glance. (The more cumbersome Plan B might involve printing out pages of policy details, folding and keeping them in your baggage, and being able to retrieve them in a pinch.) But TravelSmart is always just a few touchscreen taps away, whether you’re simply curious about a particular benefit’s details, want to check in on a claim you made, or you’ve experienced a travel mishap or more serious emergency. We’ll dig into the app features down below, but first, here’s where you can download TravelSmart:

While you’ve got your phone out and you’re in “responsible planning” mode, we suggest you consider some other apps curated by the Allianz Global Assistance team that are a great fit for solo travel—especially when your itinerary brings you overseas.2

First-Class Benefits, Cheaper than Coach

Few things come cheap or free when you’re hitting the friendly skies or open road. Every inch of legroom, every currency exchange, and every mini bar water bottle can come at a hefty price. Heck, even the Wi-Fi can cost a pretty penny. And when you’ve embarked on a solo travel adventure, there’s no one to split the bill with.

But you know what’s free? TravelSmart.

And considering the value it can deliver on the go, TravelSmart can help bolster your bottom line and stretch your budget. Here’s what we mean:

  • TravelSmart is fast. Being able to instantly access your Allianz Global Assistance plan, claims, and your flight details from one convenient location saves time. And time is money, whether you’re hurtling down Terminal D toward your connecting flight or trying to make your dinner reservation.

  • TravelSmart can be your virtual travel companion. Don’t have a friend or family member by your side? No sweat! With the TravelSmart Hotline, you’re just clicks away from getting help to thwart minor inconveniences (e.g., landing a ticket to the big game in town) or major problems (e.g., you lost your passport. Doh.) You can connect with the Allianz Global Assistance team 24 hours a day from nearly any spot across the globe. In the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, call 1-800-497-4029. Everywhere else, call collect 1-804-281-5723.3  

  • TravelSmart can help you stay a step ahead. When you're sightseeing solo, your travel decisions are all your ownwhich is fine when you're choosing a spot for lunch, but a little more daunting when you're trying to make smart decisions on the go. Which is exactly why you'll love TravelSmart's Alerts feature. It gives you timely, location-specific advisories about developing events that may impact your travelslike security issues, weather, health, transportation, culture, and more. You'll also see knowledgeable advice about how to handle the alerts around you, which can help solo travelers like oyu breathe a lot easier while you're out in the world.

  • TravelSmart is more than a Band-Aid. This is the thought in the back of the head of every solo traveler: what if something goes wrong—and I’m all by myself? Maybe it’s the possibility of twisting an ankle while hiking through a fjord. Or triggering a food allergy in Marrakesh’s sprawling market. Enter TravelSmart, which can provide critical medical information in the rare event that these anxious moments come to life. With the Around Me feature, you can find the closest facility to seek help. The Medical Translator feature can translate common drug and first aid terms in 18 languages so even if you don’t speak the language, you can get the help you need. And perhaps the most convenient feature of all is the ability to connect users with local emergency response personnel at the touch of a screen.2

Where Solo Travel Plans Come Together

You have a destination in mind for your solo travel adventure. You now also have a bit more peace of mind, knowing that TravelSmart can help alleviate some of your anxiety about being alone in a strange place. Now you just need to pick the right travel insurance plan to bring it all together.

All that’s left? Just practicing your selfie technique. You’ve got this.

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