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5 Essential Honeymoon Planning Tips

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Congratulations! You're ready to tie the knot and move on to the next stage of your life. What better way to get to know your partner and enjoy each other's company than right after your wedding, in a gorgeous and fascinating honeymoon destination?

Whether you're spending your honeymoon abroad or at a fun casino in Vegas, you should definitely plan ahead so you can be prepared and love every minute of your time with your new spouse.

1. Personal and Travel Documents

Newly married couples often enjoy calling themselves "Mr. and Mrs." but, in the eyes of airlines, customs and foreign affairs, you (or your wife) is still single. Use her maiden name when making all of your reservations, especially when applying for a visa.

Be prepared to have ready access to your birth and marriage certificates, passports, visas, insurance information and airline tickets.

2. Time of Travel

Your honeymoon doesn't have to be right after the wedding. It's up to you to decide when is the best time for your honeymoon. Talk to your spouse-to-be, and discuss your jobs and other responsibilities that you will be leaving behind when you take your twosome break from the world.

3. Location

Location plays a big role in determining the time of your travel. If you want to visit a tropical country, you should be there in the sunny season, but not at the hottest time of the year. Visa requirements vary, so check with your destination country. Some countries don't require visas for short trips, and others issue visas upon arrival.

4. Budget

Talking about money and expenses can be awkward at this stage, but now that you're going to be partners for life, you should both contribute to everything, including travel expenses. This way, you can plan a solid budget and avoid overspending on your honeymoon.

5. Activities

Discuss the activities that each of you wants to do during your honeymoon to narrow down the options. You should both be excited for all your honeymoon will entail. Don't forget trip insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, it's one of the best ways to protect your honeymoon investment.

A honeymoon is a great escape for a new couple, and is only for the two of you. It's the perfect time to celebrate your marriage and take some time to relax before going back to the real world, so be prepared and enjoy every moment.

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