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" If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

Allianz - Rob Cavaliere

Rob Cavaliere

Chief Product Officer, USA and Global Travel

Rob gets excited when he talks about travel insurance because it’s a chance to understand what people need and an opportunity to develop benefits that truly help our policy-holders. With nearly 20 years in the insurance industry, he has a devotion to serving customers and a passion for developing the best products in the market. Currently, Rob oversees the U.S. product team, which includes the areas of underwriting, pricing, reserving, reinsurance management, product development and product management. In addition, Rob guides the product strategy for our global travel line of business.

Rob is also an avid traveler who appreciates learning about diverse cultures and world views. Rob believes this helps him broaden his perspective and allows him to think differently—which can be beneficial to his work and his life. Aside from his work, Rob loves fishing and finds there’s no better time to think than when out on the water.

Our Leadership Team

Elena Edwards
Chief Executive Officer, USA

Jeff Wright
Chief Financial Officer

Rob Cavaliere
Chief Product Officer, 
USA and Global Travel

Ricky Horwitz
Chief Sales Officer, 
Americas and Global Travel

Denise Marshall
Chief Human Resources Officer

Joe Mason
Chief Marketing Officer, 
Americas and Global Travel

Jedey Miranda
Chief Operations Manager, Americas

Jim O'Connor
Head of US Operations

Jack Zemp
Chief Legal Officer, North America

Feb 05, 2018