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Parenting is hard. Throw travel into the mix, and things can quickly become overwhelming. All of the sudden you have to keep up with plane tickets, hotel reservation numbers, everyone’s luggage . . . and your kids. This can be a challenge if even when plans go smoothly. However, what do you do if something goes wrong? Dropping the ball on a family vacation is never an option for a super parent like you. So you need to be prepared to juggle the unexpected.

Thankfully, if you have an Allianz Travel Insurance plan, an extra set of hands is only a phone call away. Our 24-hour live assistance hotline connects you to a team of travel experts that is always available to help you solve problems on the go.

Turn airport boredom into hotel fun

Picture this, you and your family are flying south to hit the beach and escape the cold weather. Unfortunately, your path there isn’t all sunshine. A snowstorm in Jersey turns a 2-hour layover into an overnight stay. If it was just you, sleeping in the airport may be an option. But you can’t disappoint your kids who have been waiting for months to go swimming. You need to book a hotel with an indoor pool fast. Good thing you have a lifeline. Instead of trying to search for places on your phone while keeping your kids entertained in a crowded airport, simply call our team and we’ll go to work—booking you the closest hotel that can tide your kids over until the plane can depart in the morning.

Rest easy knowing you have backup

Once you get to your destination, you check in to your beach rental. Everyone is excited to get out on to the sand. So you stay back to unpack and explore the house, and then you realize there is no place for your baby to sleep. Where is the crib?! Thankfully, your child’s sleeping arrangements don’t have to be compromised. Just ask our assistance services to put things in motion. We can help find a crib to rent for the week and arrange for it to be delivered before bedtime. This way you can focus on your family, and we can deal with the problem at hand.

Explore the world with confidence

Instead of a trip south to the beach, maybe you’re taking the kids to France for a tour of the Eiffel Tower. And while you’re savoring the coffee and the view, you realize a passport has been lost along the way. (It must have fallen out of your bag while you were looking for one of your kid’s tablets!) Needing help in another country is a scary thing. You don’t speak the language, you don’t know the city, and international travel policy can be as confusing as paperwork at the DMV. Nevertheless, don’t panic. Our assistance experts can connect you to a translator to help you talk to the people around you, and help you find the US embassy—where we can then work to get the passport replaced. An emergency like this does not need to ruin your plans. Our assistance team can help you get back to sightseeing and make sure you return home on time.

Keep your family safe overseas

Our goal at Allianz Global Assistance is to give you the peace of mind you deserve . . . even during a medical emergency. And while Allianz Travel Insurance can provide emergency medical benefits outside the US, where many personal health insurance policies do not provide coverage, our assistance services give you an extra layer of protection.

Of course, if it’s a life-threatening situation, always call the country’s version of 911. You can find that information in the free Ally® TravelSmart app. But if one of your kids twists an ankle while exploring the countryside on that trip to France, we can help you find a nearby medical facility that can provide the appropriate treatment. We can also help you contact family members back home, reach your family physician, and even arrange payments if necessary. With our assistance team on your side, you can be confident you will get the help you need when you need it.

End your trip on a good note

Our assistance services are always only a phone call away throughout your entire trip, and even when you get back home, which can be especially important for parents. Imagine you’ve finally returned from your big family vacation and your 4-year-old daughter realizes Sparkles, her stuffed unicorn, did not make it back. You thought you had everything packed, but it must be hiding under the bed. Once again, our assistance team can come to the rescue. We can contact the property manager of your rental, track down Sparkles, and arrange for your daughter’s more prized possession to be shipped back—helping ensure your trip ends in a wide-eyed smile.

Get enhanced assistance with concierge services

While 24-hour award-winning assistance is included with all Allianz Travel Insurance plans, some also give you access to our concierge services. This is like having a personal assistance on speed dial that can turn your trip into a VIP experience—making it the perfect way to ensure you maintain your super parent status with the kids. Someone suddenly craving pizza? We can find the best hand-tossed pie around. Want to take the family to a pro baseball game on your trip? We can help you score the tickets you need. Or maybe you just need to pull out some money for a quick snack from a cash-only food truck. We can help you find the closest ATM. Whatever you need to make your family vacation a success, our concierge services is here to help.

Now, we understand anyone can use a phone to look up ways to solve problems. But when a travel emergency or mishap strikes, and your family is waiting for you to do something, do you really have time to navigate the internet? With our assistance services, you can solve problems quickly and with one phone call—so while you may not wear a cape, you’re kids will still think of you as the super parent you are.

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