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15 Times When You Should Call Allianz Assistance Services

woman on phone calling Assistance services
Allianz - woman on phone calling Assistance services

Did you know that every Allianz Travel Insurance plan includes Assistance services? When you’re an Allianz customer, you know that our team of travel experts is available 24/7 to help you deal with all kinds of travel emergencies.

You can access Assistance with the free TravelSmartTM app or by calling the hotline. You’ll be connected with one of our expert Assistance coordinators, who will do their best to figure out a solution to your travel dilemma. Please note, however, that you will be responsible for the cost of any items or services that aren’t specifically covered by your travel insurance plan.

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Here are just a few of the scenarios in which you can call Assistance for help.

1. Your travel arrangements get delayed or canceled.

Your flight home is abruptly canceled, so you get bumped to a plane leaving tomorrow. But that means you’ll miss your son’s birthday party! When you really need to make it to your destination on time, Assistance can help. Our experts can identify alternative transportation for you and make new travel arrangements.

2. You need to find alternative lodging due to a trip delay or other problem.

Because of a delayed flight and a massive traffic jam, you arrive in the Mexican beach town of Sayulita when it’s almost midnight. You’re exhausted — but when you reach your guesthouse, no one answers the door. The Assistance team can find alternative local lodging, make a reservation for you and help you get there.

3. Your baggage is lost or delayed.

After waiting at the baggage carousel for 45 minutes, you realize your suitcase isn’t going to show up. The airline says they’ll do their best to locate it, but they can’t tell you when you’ll be reunited with your bag. Contact Assistance: Our experts will coordinate with the airline to find and deliver your baggage as quickly as possible. (And in the meantime, your baggage loss/damage benefits can reimburse you for the cost of essential items.)

4. You need something for your child.

Your beach rental was supposed to have a crib, high chair and baby gates for your 1-year-old. When you arrive, however, none of that essential baby gear is there. Uh-oh. Assistance can locate and deliver the child care equipment you need during your trip.

5. You need help communicating in a foreign language.

You’re vacationing in Costa Rica with your family. Your daughter has serious food allergies, and you need to explain to the resort staff what she can and can’t eat. Your translation app just isn’t getting the message across, so you call Assistance. An Assistance coordinator who’s fluent in Spanish serves as your interpreter and ensures that the staff understands.

6. You need money in a crisis.

While you’re enjoying a glorious day on the beach, someone plucks your wallet from your bag. You’re able to swiftly cancel the credit cards, but now you have no way to pay for anything. Contact Assistance! We can help arrange for money to be sent to you from family or friends.

7. You need legal advice.

While you’re traveling in Mexico, you make a terrible mistake: You borrow your friend’s car to go sightseeing, and you accidentally collide with a man on a bicycle. The cyclist’s not seriously injured, thank goodness, but the police arrest you for driving without insurance. What now? Before you panic, call Assistance. We can give you a legal referral and notify the local U.S. embassy, if needed. (Please note that Assistance can’t provide legal advice or pay for legal services.)

8. Your travel documents are lost or stolen.

You’re packing for your flight home from Paris when you realize your passport is missing. You have no idea where it might be. Assistance can work with the U.S. Embassy to replace your passport.

9. You’ve lost something important.

You’ve just gotten off the train in Chicago and you’re hailing a cab to your hotel when your daughter says, “Mommy, where’s my pink blanket?” You make a frantic call to Amtrak, but you can’t get through the automated system. So you call Assistance. Your coordinator knows exactly who to contact. She’s soon able to track down the beloved blanket and arrange to have it sent to you.

10. You need information or assistance related to vaccine requirements.

You booked your vacation months ago, and now you discover that your destination requires a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure. Every clinic you call is fully booked, and you don’t know what to do. Your Assistance coordinator can help you find a local testing spot and make an appointment before your trip.

11. You need the latest travel information for your destination.

You always get a little anxious about traveling, and now you’re having second thoughts about your planned trip to Egypt. Should you be concerned? Assistance can answer questions about your destination and provide up-to-date travel advisories and information. Please note that we can’t tell you whether or not you should go, but having a robust travel insurance plan can give you peace of mind.

12. You have a medical emergency while traveling.

While hiking in Maine with your husband, he begins to look pale and says he’s feeling unwell. When he collapses, you call 911 — and once first responders are on the way, you call Assistance. Your coordinator monitors your husband’s condition and makes sure he receives good care (and your emergency transportation benefits can pay for transportation to an appropriate healthcare facility, if needed). 

13. You need to return home after experiencing a medical emergency while traveling.

You suffered a serious concussion and fractured your femur in a fall while exploring Florence. Your Assistance coordinator helped manage your medical care while you were hospitalized in Italy, and now you’re ready to return to the United States so you can recover at home. Assistance can help with that as well by making your travel arrangements, including a medical escort (if necessary).

14. You have to refill a prescription.

Packing for your Caribbean vacation, you toss your blood pressure medication into your suitcase — not realizing you have only 3 pills left. Once you arrive, you discover you don’t have enough medication to last for your entire trip, but you forgot to pack your original prescription. Assistance can help, either by obtaining a prescription from your U.S. doctor or connecting you with a local healthcare provider and pharmacy.

15. You need help caring for a pet. 

In the middle of an epic road trip with your lab mix, you pull up at your pet-friendly hotel — only to discover that their policy forbids dogs larger than 20 pounds. You really don’t want Bowser to sleep in the car! So you call Assistance, and your coordinator locates a nearby, well-reviewed kennel that has an available bed.

Our Assistance experts can’t do everything. Sometimes items you request just aren’t available. Sometimes alternative transportation can’t be arranged due to weather or other reasons. Sometimes a lost blanky can’t be found.

But the Assistance team can do amazing things! When you’re facing a travel crisis, never hesitate to contact them. They’re here to help you 24/7.

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