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For some, business travel is a science. They shun shoelaces and frown upon checked bags. And they buy everything from shampoo to mayonnaise in 3.4oz sizes.

Being a savvy business traveler can save you stress, time and money. So if you’re a less than frequent flyer and looking for a rundown of how to travel like a American Airlines Million Miler Program member, here are some tips from the jet-setting pros.

Without knowing your specific style or destination, we’ve prepared a packing list and tips to help you prepare for your average four-day business trip or conference.

Packing List

  • Roll-aboard bag (to carry on)
  • Laptop bag, briefcase or backpack (to carry on)
  • Garment bag (optional; to check)
  • Two suits, jackets or blazers
  • Matching pants and/or skirts
  • Work-out clothes (sneakers, athletic socks, shorts, t-shirt, etc.)
  • Pair(s) of shoes to match your suits
  • Belt(s) and tie(s) to match your suits
  • Four pairs of dress socks
  • Jeans and 2-3 casual shirts
  • Coat or other appropriate outerwear
  • Sleepwear and/or loungewear
  • Undergarments for four days
  • Watch(s) and jewelry
  • Laptop and power cord
  • Tablet and smart phone chargers
  • Any necessary electrical conversion equipment
  • License and passport (for international travel)
  • Business cards

Packing and travel tips:

  • All aboard! Find a roll-aboard bag that not only meets all the major airlines’ maximum carry-on size requirements (About 14” X 9” X 22”), but also one that allows for easy attachment to a compatible briefcase or other, smaller carry-on bag.1
  • Arrive wrinkle free: Always try to wear one suit or jacket on the plan to avoid wrinkles. If you take a garment bag and it’s your carry-on, kindly ask a flight attendant if you can stow it in the closet onboard. (Hint: Turning suit jackets inside out can further prevent creases and wrinkles).1
  • Foot loose! Comfortable loafers, ballet flats and other footwear built for sliding in and out of is best for TSA checkpoints and walking for 14 hours straight on cheap convention center carpeting.
  • Plan for the unexpected: Consider the weather and a host of other factors in bringing an emergency change of casual clothes. Of course, you can always shop at the airport gift store...
  • Pick layers: Choose a few solid colors of shirts, sweaters and jackets that can be layered in different combinations to arrange multiple outfits.2
  • Bag the liquids: The 3-1-1 Transportation Safety Administration rule still applies for liquids, gels, creams, aerosols and pastes. Remember to tag and bag your mouthwash, deodorant and shaving cream in zip-top bags if you’re carrying them on the plane. You may bring baby formula/breast milk and medications on a plane in higher amounts by declaring them at the TSA checkpoint. Note: These guidelines have loosened for international travelers coming into the United States who properly store materials.3
  • Money matters: While you obviously want to try and use your corporate card for any legitimate business travel expense – and locate a special, designated pocket to responsibly store all receipts – tipping is another story. Keep some cash in small denominations on hand for drivers, hotel staff, and others. (Learn more about tipping – the who, how, and how much.)
  • Staying connected: You’ll want to double and triple check that you have chargers for your laptop, smartphone and tablet and other devices that you’ll be bringing on board. And if you’re flying overseas, remember that the charging device you use at home may not work abroad. That’s because while U.S. wall outlets deliver 110 to 120 volts, other continents and nations run anywhere from 100 to 240 volts. You’ll want to make sure you bring the right adapters and plugs to stay connected. Check out our “Foreign Travel Converter Tips for Guaranteed Electricity” to learn all you need to know.4 You may also want to check out battery charging phone cases and battery packs if you want to skip the conversion confusion all together.

Print Checklist

Be sure to print our checklist and take it with you. Simply click the “print” link below and make sure to have your browser set to print background images so that you can see the checkboxes.

Print Checklist

Mar 23, 2015