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How the Allyz® TravelSmart App Can Help Make Your Trips Safer

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Travel is all about unexpected moments: the little café you find by accident (the one with the best coffee), the sound of local music making the streets come alive, or catching a sunset that looks like a scene from a postcard.

But there are some unexpected moments that aren’t exactly a welcome addition to your itinerary: losing your passport, a sudden bout of bad weather that throws your vacation off-course, or even getting injured on your trip (those cobblestone streets looked so charming in the brochure).

Luckily Allyz® TravelSmart—the free app from Allianz Global Assistance—is packed with thoughtful features to help make your travels safer. Check out some of the ways the Allyz TravelSmart app can help you feel more secure on the go, and give you confidence even in the face of the unexpected. 

Make informed travel decisions with Allyz® TravelSmart’s location-based alerts.

From earthquakes to holiday closures, travel conditions can change quickly—and that can be a real hassle when you’re already en route to Montreal for a romantic getaway.

With Allyz® TravelSmart’s newest feature—Alert Center—you can stay a step ahead of changes with timely advisories about events that could potentially impact your travels, including location-specific updates about security, weather, health, transportation, culture, and more (just be aware you’ll need an eligible Allianz Travel Insurance plan in order to access this feature). You can see specific updates as conditions change, which makes it a lot simpler to stay on top of any developing situations while you’re on your trip. You can also see knowledgeable advice on how to handle the alerts around you, like whether you should allow additional time to reach your destination.

To get the most out of your alerts, make sure you allow the app to use your geolocation—this ensures you’re getting the most accurate information for your specific area.

Connect to expert help with just a few clicks.

You’re touring Spain. Your passport is also touring Spain—in the back of a cab. What now?  

If you’ve got Allyz TravelSmart, your next call is easy. Because this where one of the app’s handiest features come in: quick access to 24-Hour Assistance. Just click the big orange Contact button at the bottom of your screen to connect to our round-the-clock customer service for travel help. From there, our team of problem-solving professionals can help you with everything from lost documents to making new travel arrangements. There’s even a separate Medical Emergency line in case you need help for an illness or injury on your trip—our team can help you find appropriate medical care, interpret when you don’t speak the language, and arrange payment for the treatment you receive. Not bad for a few clicks of a button.

Keep local emergency numbers in the palm of your hand.

Your tour of The Outback has been nothing short of fantastic—until you trip and twist your ankle. You try to get up, but it’s clear you’re not walking anywhere anytime soon. If you were back in the U.S., you’d call 911. But what number do you use to call emergency services in Australia?

The last thing you want to do in a critical moment is waste time scrolling through information, which is why Allyz TravelSmart gives you access to local emergency numbers for policy, fire, and ambulance right in the app. All you have to do is click the orange Contact button, and the numbers you need will be right at your fingertips. (Just make sure you’ve got your geolocation enabled so Allyz TravelSmart can give you the right information.)

Find nearby assistance in a flash.

Okay, let’s say you’re touring your destination—and suddenly, your knee is killing you. It’s not really serious enough to call an ambulance, but you’re pretty sure you need medical attention if you want to walk comfortably during your trip. So where do you go?

If you’ve got Allyz TravelSmart, you can pull up Around Me, an incredibly helpful feature that will show you the closest hospitals in your location; and if a hospital is marked with a star, that means it’s pre-screened and preferred by Allianz Global Assistance, which can make it a lot easier to pick which facility to head to.

In addition to hospitals, you can also use Around Me to locate nearby doctors, pharmacies, police stations, and U.S. embassies. As with Allyz TravelSmart’s other location-based features, you’ll want to make sure you have geolocation enabled so the app can provide an accurate map of facilities in your area.

Look up medical translations when you need them.

You’ve got allergies in Amsterdam (they really weren’t kidding about the tulips). You don’t have your go-to allergy medication, so you head to a pharmacy—where all of the medication names are in Dutch.

With Allyz TravelSmart’s Medical Translator, you can look up universal names for common medications, which will help pharmacists across the world find you an equivalent drug. You can also use Medical Translator to find first aid terms for common medical issues in 18 different languages, which makes it a lot easier to communicate when you need care.

If you’re ready to put safer travels in hand, download Allyz® TravelSmart free for iPhone or Android. Just remember to check with your mobile provider to make sure your phone will work in your destination country, and ask about any costs associated with using data or making calls overseas. Location services aren’t typically associated with a cost, though data/Wi-Fi will be used to locate facilities.

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