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App-y Trails: How the Allyz® TravelSmart App Can Help During Outdoor Trips

woman with smartphone in forest
Allianz - woman with smartphone in forest

Hours-long video conferences. A seemingly endless stream of work emails. Oh, and your aunt who always brings up conspiracy theories at Thanksgiving? Well, she just learned how to text.

So, yeah—it’s no wonder we like to go off the grid from time to time. Whether you’re camping, hiking, stargazing, birdwatching, or just hiding out from Aunt Helen for a while, taking a trip outdoors can really do wonders for the soul. But just because you’re in the wild for your vacation doesn’t mean you have to go completely off the grid, especially if you want to add a little extra safety to your outdoor excursion. Because after all, you probably still want a little contact with the outside world in case you happen to have a run-in with the unexpected.

Enter Allyz® TravelSmart, the free app that helps you get the most out of your Allianz Travel Insurance plan with all kinds of handy tools to make your travels simpler and safer—even the trips you take out in nature. So put on your sunscreen and power up your mobile device, and we’ll show you how Allyz® TravelSmart can help you breathe easier in the great outdoors.

Stay a step ahead of Mother Nature (and other safety concerns) with timely alerts.

Travel conditions can change quickly—especially when you’re out in nature. But with Allyz TravelSmart’s Alerts feature, you can stay a step ahead of the elements with timely advisories about events that could potentially impact your travels, including location-specific updates about weather, transportation, security, health, transportation, culture, and more (just be aware you’ll need an eligible Allianz Travel Insurance plan in order to access this feature). You can also see knowledgeable advice on how to handle the alerts around you.

So let’s say you’re on the road, excitedly headed to your campsite. You’ve chosen a location a few hours away, but you’ve been assured the natural splendor is worth the drive. You hope so, because you only have a few days to relax and enjoy yourself, and you want to make the most of every moment. That’s when Allyz TravelSmart alerts you about a road closure—a major thoroughfare on the way to the campsite—and you’re advised to allow additional time to reach your destination. You adjust your navigation and take the back way, avoiding the potential of a very long back-up and sidestepping what could have been a frustrating start to your getaway.

Locate nearby medical facilities in case of emergency.

It’s a beautiful morning for a hike. You lace up your sneakers and hit the trail, and by mile two, you feel like you’ve really gotten in touch with yourself. A few hours later, you’re back at your campsite and realize you got in touch with something else too: poison ivy. You’ve got a nasty rash growing rapidly on your arm, and there’s not a drop of calamine lotion in site. You need to find a pharmacy, stat. But you drove two hours to get to this campsite, and you aren’t familiar with anything in the area.

Don’t worry—with Allyz TravelSmart’s Around Me feature, you can easily locate nearby pharmacies to go for itch relief. Or let’s say that you’re very allergic to poison ivy, and that rash needs much more immediate care than any ointments at the pharmacy can provide. Allyz TravelSmart can also help you locate nearby prescreened hospitals if you need medical attention, so you aren’t left scratching your head (or, uh, arm in this case) over where to go for help.

Get in touch with 24-hour assistance—fast—for just about anything.

It’s been great getting away from it all. But a few hours into your meditative walk through the woods, you realize….you’ve really gotten away from it all. In fact, you appear to be very lost. You’ve got your phone, but you don’t know your campsite coordinates, so GPS isn’t going to be much help. Then you remember you’ve got Allyz TravelSmart, which means with just a few clicks, you can get in touch with our 24-hour assistance for help with all kinds of medical and travel-related emergencies. You reach one of our friendly professionals and explain the situation, and they get in touch with a ranger for help before it gets dark. Day saved!

Or let’s say your meditative walk ends with a nasty fall, and you think you may have a broken ankle. Our 24-hour assistance can help you find care, get transported to the nearest hospital, and even alert your loved ones about what happened (which is a big relief, considering they’ve been waiting for you to start the s’mores).

File a claim from your campsite.

If you have to file a claim, you want your money as soon as possible. But you’re on a week-long camping trip, so that means you can’t do anything until you get home to your computer, right? Well, not if you have Allyz TravelSmart—you can easily file a claim straight from the app, and even check the status of your claim while you’re on the go (“on the go” meaning “roasting weenies around a campfire” in this case). And if you have any questions about your claim? Well, remember you can use Allyz TravelSmart to dial 24-hour assistance, and get quickly connected to a member of our customer service team for the help you need. 


Ready to make roughing it a little less rough? Download Allyz® TravelSmart free for iPhone or Android, and put safer travels in hand while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

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