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Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation
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Definition: Your trip is canceled before you get started for a covered reason. Travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits can reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason.

Example: You’ve rented a big house on the lake for a summer vacation with extended family: your dad, your spouse and kids, and your siblings too. The night before you leave, your dad slips on the steps and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. You want to cancel the trip, but the deadline for a refund has already passed. Fortunately, you purchased travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits. The disabling injury of a family member is named as a covered reason for travel cancellation, so you file a claim and get reimbursed for the entire cost of the lake house. You reschedule the trip for August, once your dad has recovered.

Available in: OneTrip Cancellation Plus PlanOneTrip Basic Plan, OneTrip Prime Plan, OneTrip Premier PlanAllTrips Prime, AllTrips Executive, and AllTrips Premier

Epidemic Coverage Endorsement: While epidemics are generally excluded from travel insurance coverage, we are currently offering certain temporary accommodations for COVID-19 related claims. Also, some of our travel insurance plans now include the new Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, which adds covered reasons to select benefits for certain losses related to COVID-19 and any future epidemic. (Benefits vary by plan and are not available in all jurisdictions.)

If your plan includes Trip Cancellation benefits and the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, illness with an epidemic disease, such as COVID-19, may be eligible for coverage under your plan’s Trip Cancellation benefits. For example, if you must cancel your trip because you fall ill with COVID-19, your Trip Cancellation benefits can reimburse your lost prepaid trip expenses. 

Availability of Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, including specific benefits and covered reasons described here, varies by product and by state.  Products may not include all benefits or covered reasons described here.  To see if your plan includes this endorsement and what it covers, please look for “Epidemic Coverage Endorsement” on your Declarations of Coverage or Letter of Confirmation. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Benefits may not cover the full cost of your loss.  All benefits are subject to maximum limits of liability, which may in some cases be subject to sublimits and daily maximums.

Learn more about the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement

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Sep 18, 2019