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Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption
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Definition: Your trip is interrupted after you’ve left for a covered reason. Travel insurance can reimburse the unused portion of your prepaid expenses, excluding any refunds you receive. If your trip is interrupted for a covered reason, you can file a claim for additional expenses you incur to continue your trip or return to your primary residence, as well as additional accommodation fees you are required to pay, if you prepaid for shared accommodations and your traveling companion has to interrupt their trip.

Trip interruption benefits also can reimburse you for additional accommodation and transportation expenses, up to the maximum limit specified in your plan, if the interruption causes you to stay at your destination (or the location of the interruption) longer than originally planned.

Example: You and a friend plan a week in Key West, Florida to celebrate your graduation. You enjoy two days of palm trees and mai tais, and then a hurricane hits the island. Your hotel loses power, the streets are underwater, and your fun plans get flooded out.

Luckily, your travel insurance plan includes trip interruption benefits. Because your trip was interrupted for a covered reason (your destination is rendered uninhabitable), you can get reimbursed for your unused, non-refundable, prepaid trip expenses. Not only that, but your plan can reimburse you for the cost to change your plane ticket so you can head home early.

Available in: OneTrip Cancellation Plus PlanOneTrip Basic Plan, OneTrip Prime Plan, OneTrip Premier Plan, AllTrips Prime, AllTrips Executive, and AllTrips Premier

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Sep 18, 2019