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When traveling, does your medical care go the distance?

True story. A woman recently traveled to Mexico with friends, was infected by a parasite and taken to the hospital. Without a $10,000 cash payment up front, they wouldn't treat her. Her health deteriorated as she waited for her mother to fly in with the money and take her back to the states for quality care. The delay caused irreparable skin damage. And it could've been avoided with the proper travel insurance plan. The fact is...

  • Almost 1 out of every 2 travelers abroad will become ill or injured during their trip!
  • Most private health insurance plans don't cover you when you're traveling abroad
  • Many hospitals overseas won't even treat you without a cash payment of thousands up front

Say no to out of pocket medical expenses while traveling abroad. Say yes to Allianz.

With a network of more than 400,000 service providers in 196 countries, Allianz is here to assist you with any medical emergency. Plus, we take care of any upfront, out-of-pocket costs or cancellation fees. Our OneTrip Prime Plan gives you a big dose of peace of mind with:

  • Comprehensive trip cancellation coverage
  • Primary emergency medical and dental coverage
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Travel accident coverage
  • 24/7 emergency hotline

More travel insurance medical benefits...

We work with the best doctors and facilities. When you're in a foreign country, finding the right medical or dental professionals, and knowing where to get the appropriate care can be a pain. Our team of doctors evaluates worldwide health facilities on an ongoing basis to ensure the best care available.

We provide the perfect prescription. Lost or forgotten medication? No problem. Allianz travel and medical insurance will assist you in locating a pharmacy to purchase a new prescription.

We make sure cancellation doesn't cost you. Life doesn't always go as planned. If a sudden medical emergency or other covered circumstance forces you to cancel your trip, your international travel medical insurance will refund you up to 100 percent of the cost.

Nov 07, 2016