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Emergency Medical and Dental Benefits

emergency medical benefits
Allianz - emergency medical benefits

Definition: Emergency medical and dental benefits cover losses due to covered medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip. By “losses,” we mean reasonable, medically necessary costs for medical or dental services, supplies and charges incurred for a covered health emergency. Depending on the plan you choose, Emergency Medical benefits may be primary coverage with no deductible for emergency medical or dental benefits. Make sure to read your plan documents carefully for full details.

Example: A few hours after savoring some ceviche at a beach bar in Costa Rica, you start to feel bad. Really, really bad: high fever, chills, nausea, the works. You call the Allianz Global Assistance emergency hotline or use the TravelSmart app to get help and find the closest pre-screened medical provider. The doctor diagnoses food poisoning and treats you for dehydration. Our award winning assistance team will be with you all along the way and can even arrange direct payment with many providers. In just a few days, you are back on the beach feeling like new.

Available in: OneTrip Basic Plan, OneTrip Prime Plan, OneTrip Premier Plan, OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan, AllTrips Basic, AllTrips Prime, AllTrips Executive, and AllTrips Premier

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Sep 18, 2019