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24/7 Help is At Your Fingertips With Allyz® TravelSmart

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We all know those smart travelers. They’ve got cleverly designed airplane pillows, they get upgrades left and right because they have a bunch of travel points, and they saunter through new cities like they own the place.

What if we told you that they’re only so confident and savvy because they use the Allyz® TravelSmart app?

Okay, fine, we can’t guarantee that, but we do know that traveling with the TravelSmart app is like traveling with a pocket-sized travel genie — and a free first-class upgrade for your Allianz Travel Insurance plan.

When you have the Allyz® TravelSmart app downloaded, it can help you navigate any curveballs thrown your way while you travel. Here are some of the capabilities that come included:

Access Your Policy On The Fly

Keeping track of your passport, cash, and other travel documents is stressful. You check to make sure you have them. Then you check again. For just a second, you forget which pocket of your suitcase they’re in and enter a full-on panic in the airport. Save your ink and keep track of one less paper document with the Allyz TravelSmart app. When you invest in an Allianz Travel Insurance plan, you can access all of your plan details within the app. This is especially convenient if you run into a delay or another scenario, and want to put your mind at ease by making sure you’re protected by your travel insurance.

Find Out When Your Flight Is Late — Or Even Better, Early

It shouldn’t be a surprise to us at this point that flights get delayed and gates get changed. Between weather events and technical issues, your departure time isn’t guaranteed until you’re in the air. When you add your flight information to the Allyz TravelSmart app, you can get real-time flight status updates. Maybe that means you can sleep in for a few minutes, or spend an extra hour or two seeing the sights before you head to the airport. And if things get really dicey and flight delays are going to cause you to miss connecting flights or event you have tickets for — we make it really easy to get in touch with our Assistance experts from within the app.

Get Local Alerts Delivered To Your Pocket

Unfortunately, unpredictable events aren’t on hold just because you’re on vacation. To help navigate these, the Alerts feature within the Allyz TravelSmart app can help keep you in the loop on all the local happenings and advisories that might impact your trip. This feature is included with eligible Allianz Travel Insurance plans. So, whether there’s an overturned truck that’s caused a multi-hour road block, severe weather, a health advisory, or civil unrest, you’ll get a heads up from the app and advice on how to proceed.

Get a Healthy Dose Of Translation Assistance

Needing medical treatment in an unfamiliar country where you don’t speak the language can be pretty overwhelming. The Allyz TravelSmart app can help in a variety of situations with the “Around Me” feature. Picture this: you’re planning to partake in a bucket-list-checking gondola ride in Venice and you reach for your motion-sickness medication, only to realize you’ve left it at home. Unless you want to be green at the gills for the rest of the day you need a little pharmaceutical assistance. You open your Allyz TravelSmart app, which places nearby pharmacies on the map. Fortunately, Allianz Global Assistance has also marked preferred providers with a star, making a reputable pharmacy easy to spot. You make your way to the pharmacy and freeze… you’ve forgotten every bit of the Italian you skimmed in preparation for your trip and you’re not sure what’s what on the medication aisle. The app has your back again with a built-in medical translator to find the universal names for common medications and the translated words for a variety of symptoms. Phew! You find just the right remedy so that you can carry on and enjoy Venice the way it should be seen, from the water.

In Case of Emergency…

Growing up, we’re all taught that you should call 911 in an emergency, right? Wrong. Sure, people in the United States are taught that, but other countries have different numbers to call. There’s no worse time to realize that 911 isn’t universal than in the middle of an emergency. When you enable your geolocation within the Allyz TravelSmart app, local emergency numbers are just a click or two away starting with the orange “Contact” button at the bottom of the app. So, if you get in a fender bender in a rented car, roll an ankle, or need to report a fire — you can alert the right folks quickly.

Dial Up 24/7 Assistance

We know we shouldn’t pick favorites when it comes to the features in the Allyz TravelSmart app, but if we had to choose, this would be the one. Our world-class team of Assistance experts is waiting in the wings, 24/7, ready to help. You don’t even have to look up our number; you can be connected to a real person capable of helping you problem-solve by clicking the orange “Contact” button at the bottom of the Allyz TravelSmart app. If you’re in crisis mode because a pickpocket snatched all your cash, you need a translator for medical care, or you just need a recommendation for a restaurant, call our experts for backup. We handle these situations every day and can help you keep a cool head while pointing you in the right direction.

We have apps for the weather, to remind us to meditate, and to order food. It’s about time we have one to help make our travels easier. Download the free Allyz® TravelSmart app for a perfect complement to your Allianz Travel Insurance plan.

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