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5 Ways the Allyz® TravelSmart App Can Help During Winter Travels

How TravelSmart Can Help During Winter Travels
Allianz - How TravelSmart Can Help During Winter Travels

When the weather outside is frightful, travel can be anything but delightful. Thankfully, the Allyz® TravelSmart app was designed to help you handle any travel headache that pop up, no matter the season. Here are 5 ways the app can come in handy when you’re facing winter travel woes.

1. Alerts

Whether you need real-time updates about snowstorms or road closures, our alerts can give you up-to-the-minute updates as they happen, saving you time and frustration.

2. Around Me

With our location-based technology, you’ll be able to easily find emergency police and fire stations, hospitals, pharmacies, and more with just the click of a button. Make sure you enable location services on your device to use this feature.

3. Policy

View your entire protection plan information and documents in a few taps. You can see everything from effective dates and benefits, to who is covered and what counts as an eligible travel delay.

4. Customer Care Team

Chat with a customer care team member 24 hours a day. They’re able to quickly help you with whatever you might need, from booking a new hotel room to finding a last-minute table for two at a local hotspot.

5. Claims

Remotely file a claim in just a few steps. In the app, you’ll find easy-to-follow filing instructions that walk you through the entire process. You can also save and store any receipts, invoices, photos, or other necessary documents all in the app.

Winter might be the most wonderful time of the year, but large crowds and stormy weather can make it difficult for travelers. Remember to download the Allyz® TravelSmart app before you head out on your next winter getaway.

Download the Allyz® TravelSmart app today.

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