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3 Things You Need to Know About Buying an Annual Travel Insurance Policy

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These days, it’s not just about where you’re traveling to next.

It’s also about where you’re going after that. And after that.

The pandemic created a pent-up thirst for escaping your backyard and making up for lost time. According to a Harvest Hosts survey, 60 percent of the 10,000 people interviewed stated that they planned to travel more in 2021 than in 2019 — the year before the pandemic.1

From more and more travelers passing through TSA to rental car shortages and popular beach getaways running dry of rental property options, every day there are seemingly more signs that travel is on the upswing.2

With increased travel plans come a volley of related questions from whether your boss will approve the extra time off you requested to how you’ll approach travel insurance.

Yes, travel insurance. In all the excitement of returning to planes, trains, and automobiles, you didn’t forget about your loyal travel companion travel insurance, did you? It’s OK if you did, because regardless, travel insurance is still here for you to help protect your travels. And when you’re taking multiple trips during the year — as more Americans are doing this year — it’s time move beyond single-trip plans and to start exploring annual or multi-trip plans. At Allianz Global Assistance, we call these AllTrips Plans. There’s the AllTrips Basic plan for the budget-conscious traveler who doesn’t want to get left with the bill for emergency medical transportation, AllTrips Executive for the business traveler who whose precious cargo includes costly presentation equipment, and a number of other options.

Considering buying annual travel insurance in case your trips are affected by COVID-19? We are currently offering certain temporary claim accommodations if you, a traveling companion, or your family member becomes ill with COVID-19. Also, our AllTrips travel insurance plans now include the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, which adds covered reasons to select benefits for certain losses related to COVID-19 and any future epidemic. (Benefits vary by plan and are not available in all jurisdictions). To see if your plan includes this endorsement and what it covers, please look for "Epidemic Coverage Endorsement" on your Declarations of Coverage or Letter of Confirmation. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Benefits may not cover the full cost of your loss. All benefits are subject to maximum limits of liability, which may in some cases be subject to sublimits and daily maximums.

Take a moment to find the AllTrips travel insurance plan that’s right for your budget and slate of annual getaways. Then check out the top three reasons why AllTrips plans are having a moment as travel kicks into high gear.

1. You can save money with an annual travel insurance plan.

We’ve done the math. And as long as you’re traveling more than twice in a given year, going with an AllTrips plan from Allianz Global Assistance will save you money when compared to the relative cost of buying a separate plan for each trip.

With that in mind, the only reason to not consider an annual plan is if you know you’re taking exactly one or two trips. And just how realistic is that?

Consider this: a trip doesn’t need to be a three-week, globe-trotting adventure. It can just involve a short drive and a long weekend. (For our travel insurance plans to be valid, you only need to travel 100 miles away from home.)3

Additionally, think back to pre-pandemic times. Did you always know all the trips you were going to take a full year in advance? Of course not. From that last-minute work conference to Cousin Edith’s backyard wedding, you looked and booked at the 11th hour.

Let’s quickly look at another novel way that Allianz Global Assistance can help you save money: 24-hr. Assistance, which comes standard with all of our annual travel insurance plans. Think of the most bizarre, challenging situation you’ve ever faced during travel. Maybe it was the time that horse stepped on your glasses — leaving you blind and without a ride back to the ranch. Or perhaps it was the guy you mistook for the valet who drove away with your rental car — never to return. Assistance can help troubleshoot those scenarios and countless ordeals you could never possibly imagine. From the time they save you to the shortcuts they find, these travel experts are invaluable.4

2. Annual travel insurance plans are great for business travelers.

If you're doing business in Cleveland today and Tallahassee next week, then an annual travel insurance plan is a must. You're familiar with all the things that can go wrong on business trips, including misplaced luggage and lost projectors (which is why the AllTrips Executive travel insurance plan and Business Equipment Coverage benefit we mentioned up above is such a big deal.)

But it’s not just bags and equipment that cost money when you’re wheeling and dealing at 35,000 feet up in the air. Missed presentations as well as time lost to cancellations and delays comes with dollar signs in front of them, too. That’s why our multi-trip plans have thought of everything.

Part of embracing the business travel lifestyle means that the wheel you’re sitting behind often isn’t your own. And other than programming your favorite local stations and figuring out how to get the rear windshield wiper to work, the hardest part of renting a car can be navigating the various insurance options that are available. At Allianz Global Assistance, we make it a cinch: we’ll provide up to $45,000 to cover costs for having your rental car stolen or damaged in an accident or while left unattended. This benefit is included in all AllTrips plans. (And if you want to purchase a rental car plan on its own, just look for Rental Car Damage Protector.)5

Whether your goal is to land the big deal or simply get home to your family as quickly as possible, an annual plan from Allianz Global Assistance can make short work of it.

3. Multi-trip travel insurance keeps things simple.

If you're taking three trips this year, you're not going to buy three suitcases. Why would you buy three separate travel insurance plans?

Travel insurance plans can be complicated. You always need to read the fine print carefully, so you understand exactly what you're buying and what's covered. It makes life much easier if you buy a single, AllTrips plan that covers you all year, instead of buying a new plan for every vacation you take.

And once it’s time to consult that single annual plan, there’s no need to explore the outer limits of your email inbox or search for the print-out you’re absolutely certain you put… somewhere. Instead, just bring up TravelSmart, our free app that Forbes described as “the easiest way to access a travel insurance plan, file and manage a claim, track flights, receive live updates for flight delays and easily contact 24-hour assistance and concierge services." 

TravelSmart does some other tricks, too. Dial up local emergency numbers with quick tap (Pro tip: 911 doesn’t work everywhere) and find pre-screened medical facilities based on your current location. The app is looking out for you wherever your travels take you.

If you haven’t yet downloaded TravelSmart — it’s available for both iOS and Android — we recommend making it part of your pack-list to-dos. That way, you have it ready to go before you take off on your next trip.6

Once you check your calendar and do the math, there are few times when an annual travel insurance plan doesn’t make the most sense. That’s precisely why we’ve created four different plan options — to make sure your trips stay on track and on budget all year long.

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Jul 06, 2021