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Tips for Planning Great Girls Weekend Getaways

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When a bunch of guys go away for the weekend, they just go. When women plan a weekend together, they plan. Here are a few tips to help you organize a girls weekend getaway your friends will remember forever.

Ask your friends what they're looking for in a girls weekend getaway. Lavish dinners out or simple meals in? Cucumbers on their eyes or cucumbers in their drinks? Find out first whether your girls crave a wild weekend or time to recharge and relax.

Don't overwhelm them with options

If you send out a list of five possible destinations, there's no way your five friends will agree. As the organizer, you need to be decisive. Propose a place and one or two hotel choices, as well as possible activities. Include unscheduled time for catching up and hanging out.

Get creative

Who says girls weekend getaways have to follow a stereotypical itinerary? Your trip doesn't have to be all shopping or wine tasting. You could bike all day and dance all night. Or combine yoga and surfing - check out Las Olas Surf Safaris in Puerto Vallarta. The Travel Channel suggests more creative options for girls getaways, such as scuba diving camps and culinary classes.

Remember, the destination's more important than the hotel

Maybe you envision your friends flopping onto four-poster beds at a Napa Valley bed and breakfast. Or maybe you imagine the group striding into the lobby of the Gansevoort Park Avenue, heels clicking on the tiles. It's a great daydream - but before you blow your budget on a boutique hotel, remember that you won't be spending too much time there. That money could be better invested in activities or going out.

Keep costs in mind

What's the most important part of planning girls weekend getaways? It's not a packed itinerary; it's having all your friends together, without anyone feeling left out because she's on a budget. Ask your girls to be honest about how much they want to spend for the weekend, and make sure your plans fit that budget. If Key West is the dream destination, consider closer, cheaper beach options for girls getaways, such as theOuter Banks of North Carolina or even a lakefront cabin.

Make your weekend memorable

If you always head to the Las Vegas clubs for your annual girls getaways, maybe this is the year you do a Seattle pub crawl instead. If you usually sit around talking and watching old movies, try going out one night instead of ordering pizza. Do something new every year. Because while tradition is important, you want every year's getaway to be something you and your girlfriends will remember forever.

Sep 15, 2013