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Which International Travel Insurance Plan is Best for Your Trip?

Which International Travel Insurance Plan is Best
Allianz - Which International Travel Insurance Plan is Best

It might take you weeks to arrange a big international trip: the hotels, the tours, the trains, the flights. Getting quotes for travel insurance is a lot easier — it only takes 15 seconds! But when it’s time to select a plan, a lot of people freeze.

How much insurance do you really need? Which benefits are important, and which are just nice to have? Is it OK to pick the cheapest travel insurance available, or will you regret it down the road?

There’s no single solution that’s ideal for every traveler. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you figure out the best international travel insurance plan for your destination, your needs, and your budget. We’ll look at different kinds of trips and give you tips on finding the right insurance to match. To see the possibilities for yourself, start by getting a quote for your next trip.

Which international travel insurance plan is best for a cruise?

Cruises seem like the simplest kind of international trip. Everything you need is right there on the ship, and almost everything is already paid for. But cruises present some unique challenges when you’re buying travel insurance. The best travel insurance for a cruise will have:

  • Solid trip cancellation benefits. Cruise lines have strict refund policies, because they count on filling cabins before the ship sails. Refunds are usually prorated based on the number of days before departure, and in some instances, you may receive a voucher instead of reimbursement. For this reason, you should look for travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits that include a wide range of covered reasons for cancellation.
  • Travel delay benefits. One delayed flight can ruin your whole cruise if you arrive at the dock after the ship has departed. That’s when travel delay benefits can swoop in and save the day. If your trip is delayed for six or more consecutive hours for a covered reason, travel insurance can reimburse the unused part part of your prepaid expenses, minus any refund you receive.
  • Emergency medical transportation benefits. If you suffer a serious medical emergency on board a cruise ship, there’s only one way to get you to the hospital: a helicopter. Medical evacuations can be supremely expensive, so you need a travel insurance plan with emergency medical transportation benefits.

Which travel insurance plan is best for an active vacation?

There are a few extra things to consider when your vacation involves hiking, cycling, skiing or other physical activities. Look for a travel insurance plan that includes:

  • Sufficient emergency medical/emergency medical transportation benefits. The chance of getting hurt rises when you’re engaged in physical activity. Your travel insurance should include benefits that can cover medical treatment and necessary medical evacuation in case you suffer a serious covered medical emergency.
  • Baggage loss/theft/damage benefits. When you’re packing expensive, easily damaged gear for outdoors adventure — such as bikes, skis, surfboards or tents — make sure it’s protected. Look for baggage benefits with limits high enough to cover your stuff. (Read your plan documents to find out what’s excluded.)

When you’re protecting your active vacation, just remember that travel insurance does not cover losses that result from certain high-risk sports and activities. These can include: participating in or training for any professional or amateur sporting competition; skydiving, hang gliding or parachuting; bungee jumping; caving; extreme skiing; mountain climbing; and scuba diving below 120 feet, or without a dive master. Read your plan documents for the full list of exclusions.

Which international travel insurance plan is best for budget travel?

Resourceful travelers can find a hundred ways to trim expenses. Travel during the shoulder season. Choose poshtels over hotels. And use credit-card travel hacks to cut your airfare to zero. But skipping travel insurance is not a smart way to save a buck. If you experience a medical emergency abroad, or if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly, you could lose a bundle without the protection of travel insurance.

Look for a plan without a lot of extra frills. The best international travel insurance plans for budget-minded travelers include these essentials:


Which travel insurance plan is best for frequent travelers?

This one’s easy! If you intend to take more than two trips in a year, a multi-trip travel insurance plan is probably your best bet. For one low price, you can get 365 days of protection, wherever you may travel. Your plan may also include collision/loss damage insurance for your rental car, which gives you added peace of mind.

Here’s a travel insurance comparison of the three multi-trip plans we offer. Which travel insurance plan is best? That depends on the benefits you think you’ll need. For journeys to remote or less developed countries, look for robust emergency medical benefits. For expensive trips, it’s wise to buy a multi-trip plan that offers higher limits for trip cancellation/interruption benefits.

Still not sure which is the best travel insurance plan for your next trip? Call us! Allianz Global Assistance’s expert reps can help talk you through the benefits of each plan.

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