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Insurance While Backpacking

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The adventurers. The thrill-seekers. Those looking for a quiet escape. Heading to the mountains is like going home. The wild, a necessity. But what lurks in that peaceful wilderness? Joys and threats abound. And that's why you need travel insurance when backpacking.

Pack some insurance in your backpack.

Watch out for:

  • The uneven path that invites a trip and a fall, or
  • The hungry bear that looks at you like lunch, or
  • The uncharted trail that suddenly doesn't register on your GPS

Maybe you're ready to try backwoods camping after an inspiring visit to a national park. Perhaps you want to introduce your kids to the great outdoors. Whatever your goal, Allianz travel insurance while backpacking will help you create a safe, scenic and satisfying adventures. Our Classic Plan gives backpackers:

  • 24/7 travel assistance
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Airline change fee coverage
  • Baggage loss/damage protection
  • Trip cancellation, and more!

Click here to see affordable insurance plans for backpackers.

Why else are people purchasing travel insurance for backpacking?

The unexpected happens. According to the Wilderness Medical Society, there were 24,288 hiking injuries from 1992 to 2007. Serious accidents can happen to even the most experienced backpackers. When it comes to travel insurance while backpacking, Allianz coverage can cover emergency medical evacuations and medical care.

Things get lost. Your bag, your wallet, your phone. Things get lost, and when they do, Allianz will be there to help.

Injuries occur. When you're hiking up a mountain, it's easy to twist an ankle or break a bone. Allianz pays for the costs of medical care incurred while you're on your trip.

Sep 06, 2013