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Why is Annual Travel Insurance a Great Gift for Travelers?

annual travel insurance gift
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Finding the perfect gift for a traveling friend is tough. Chances are they already have colorful luggage tags, a squishy neck pillow, pickpocket-proof pants and all the other things that make travel easier… so what can you buy them?

We have a solid-gold suggestion: an annual (or multi-trip) travel insurance plan. Buy an annual plan for someone you care about, and all their trips—long or short, international or domestic, planned or spontaneous—are automatically protected for 365 days. It’s that simple!

Here are our top 6 reasons why annual travel insurance is the ideal gift for frequent travelers.

1. Travel insurance is the perfect fit for people who want “experiences, not things.”

More and more people are trying to pare down their possessions, downsize and declutter—and receiving gifts, no matter how well-intentioned, just gets in the way. You could give something consumable, like chocolate or candles… but gifts like these are soon gone and forgotten.

Why not give something that will delight your recipient and make them feel loved all year long? A multi-trip insurance plan is super-easy to buy and even easier to use. It automatically covers all the insured person’s trips for 365 days, without them having to do anything.

2. Annual travel insurance fits every budget.

You might expect to spend a lot of money for insurance that lasts 365 days. Nope! AllTrips plans are designed to provide affordable coverage for all kinds of travelers, wherever they roam.

The lowest-priced option is AllTrips Basic, which includes a full range of post-departure benefits to protect someone while they’re traveling: emergency medical, emergency medical transportation, baggage loss/damage, baggage delay, travel delay, and rental car damage/theft coverage. It does not include trip cancellation/trip interruption benefits, however.

If you want to give even more protection, AllTrips Prime includes all the benefits of AllTrips Basic, with the addition of trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits up to $3,000 per year.

And if you’re seeking a truly spectacular gift for a traveling couple or family, AllTrips Premier provides robust travel insurance benefits for an entire household. Choose your maximum benefit level for trip cancellation/interruption, up to $15,000 per plan, per year.

3. Annual travel insurance can be worth much more than you paid.

Let’s say you purchase the AllTrips Prime plan for your globetrotting grandson. The plan itself may cost less than $300, but how much is it really worth?

  • If your grandson’s suitcase goes missing after his flight to Madrid, baggage delay benefits can reimburse him for essential expenses. Potential value: up to $200
  • If your grandson’s visiting New York City and a snowstorm delays his trip home, travel delay benefits can reimburse him for his extra meal, hotel and transportation expenses during the delay. Potential value: up to $600
  • If your grandson plans a weeklong beach trip and then has to cancel for a covered reason, trip cancellation benefits could reimburse his nonrefundable expenses. Potential value: up to $3,000
  • If your grandson gets hurt in a car accident in rural Ecuador and requires a medical evacuation to the nearest high-quality hospital, emergency transportation benefits can cover the cost. Potential value: up to $100,000

It could be the most valuable gift you’ve ever given!

4. It’s a great fit for anyone who loves a spontaneous getaway.

An annual travel insurance plan isn’t just for international adventures. It can protect a year’s worth of road trips and short escapes too. Fall leaf-peeping trip? Girls’ weekend getaway? Spontaneous ski weekend? They’re all included.

5. Annual travel insurance is the perfect gift for procrastinators — to give or receive.

You waited until the last minute to find a travel-themed gift, and now you’re out of luck. That suitcase you were eyeing? Sold out. The quick-dry travel undies? Not available.

Guess what? You can give an amazing last-minute gift by purchasing annual travel protection. Find the right plan. Purchase it online. You can set the effective date for tomorrow, or the first of the month—whenever you want. Done.

Annual travel insurance is perfect for travel procrastinators, too. If your loved one habitually forgets to buy insurance for their trips, then an annual plan can ensure they’re protected.

6. You’re secretly giving yourself a present: peace of mind.

If you love someone who loves to travel, you know that worrying is part of the deal. Is my daughter going to be OK backpacking on her own? Is my boyfriend going to hurt himself skiing? What if my parents have an emergency on their cross-country RV trip?

An annual travel insurance plan can put your mind at ease, because it’s a trusted travel companion for your loved one. Not only are they protected in case of common travel mishaps—like covered illnesses, lost bags and unexpected delays—but they also get round-the-clock access to our Assistance services. Our team of travel experts can help with all kinds of dilemmas: lost documents, interrupted plans, unexpected emergencies and more.

As a bonus, your loved one can download the free, powerful Allyz® TravelSmart app . They get instant access to Assistance services, claims processing and all the benefits of their AllTrips plan, all year long.

Find the perfect annual travel insurance plan—for yourself or someone else!

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