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Your Honeymoon Disaster Survival Guide

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You spent weeks researching it. You spent more money than you probably wanted to. But even the best-planned honeymoons sometimes fail. Here's a quick guide to surviving some of the most common honeymoon disasters.

Honeymoon Disaster #1: Stormy weather

Instead of fun in the sun, you get ominous waves and dismal gray skies. It's one of the most common honeymoon disasters: a hurricane. Avoid honeymooning in the Caribbean, Florida or Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. If a storm does strike while you're on your honeymoon, be safe, take shelter and follow the resort staff's instructions. It's always a good idea to bring emergency snacks and water, just in case. Natural disasters are not typically covered by travel insurance plans. However, some hotels offer hurricane guarantees - check to see if yours does.

Honeymoon Disaster #2: Sudden sickness

One bride on says her husband came down with a stomach bug on their cruise. When he went to the ship's doctor, he was quarantined in his cabin for 24 hours - just as the ship was pulling into the Curacao port. The couple made the most of it, watching movies in bed and ordering room service. If sickness strikes on your honeymoon, try to see a doctor, stay hydrated and rest, even if that means missing planned activities. Your travel insurance plan may cover trip interruptions due to illness.

Honeymoon Disaster #3: Stolen passports

A blogger writes about the worst honeymoon ever, when a thief broke into their rented apartment in Paris and took her purse - which held the couple's passports, money, iPhones and rental car key. Luckily, the couple knew what to do. They contacted the local embassy immediately to ask about the procedure for replacing passports and asked family to wire them money. (If you have Allianz travel insurance, the travel hotline staff can assist you with this.) You should also file a police report with local authorities. And always carry emergency money and copies of your passport in a concealed part of your luggage.

Honeymoon Disaster #4: Awful accommodations

When you arrive at your "five-star" hotel, you discover the comforter has a funky smell and the air conditioner is dripping onto the floor. This is not what your honeymoon is supposed to look like. To fix a bad hotel situation, speak with the manager in person. Stay calm as you describe the problem, and ask for a specific solution. It won't hurt to mention that it's your honeymoon. If the staff refuses to upgrade your room, document the issues (which can help you get a refund) and then go stay in another hotel. And before you book, read recent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor to find out if the hotel is undergoing renovations or has other problems.

Honeymoon Disaster #5: Realizing you shouldn't have gotten married

If your honeymoon disaster results in you screaming at each other nonstop, maybe it's time to consider counseling. But most couples are happy to discover that they've got each other's back when catastrophe strikes. One day, your major honeymoon fail will be just a funny story to tell the kids.

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Nov 21, 2013