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What's the number-one thing you should pack, along with your passport, for international travel? Peace of mind! Because no matter how well you've organized your trip, there are some things you just can't plan for.

Pack Some Peace of Mind on Your Next International Trip

Ask the...

  • Honeymooners whose connecting flight - the only connecting flight back home - was suddenly cancelled, or the
  • Dad whose luggage took a surprise trip to the Lost & Found, or the
  • Grandmother whose debit card disappeared into a foreign ATM.

We love the sound of quiet confidence.

Knowing you're protected with International Travel Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance gives you the freedom you need to relax and enjoy your trip. The Allianz Deluxe Plan offers you:

  • Comprehensive trip cancellation coverage
  • 24/7 travel assistance
  • Baggage loss/damage protection
  • Primary emergency medical and dental coverage(international travel health insurance)
  • Rental car damage protection, and more!

Be sure to compare our international travel insurance plans in order to pick what's right for your situation.

Need more reasons to pack some peace of mind?

We speak over 100 languages. Reporting your credit card stolen is frustrating. Trying to do so in a language you don't speak is even worse. Allianz has offices in 28 countries around the globe, so any problem can be translated into a solution.

We make sure travel delays don't cost you more than time. A 2011 study by the Federal Aviation Administration found that delays and cancellations cost passengers a whopping $16.7 billion a year. If you want a vacation that's free of frustration, help will be just a phone call away.

We take the hurt out of overseas medical bills. Did you know that 30-50 percent of travelers abroad will become ill or injured during their trip? Allianz International Travel Medical Insurance is there for you 24/7, which is especially helpful for travel outside the U.S., where many hospitals request cash payments in the thousands before treatment can begin.

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Nov 11, 2016